Eye pouches from lack of sleep are permanent

Bags under the eyes

Surgical removal of bags under the eyes

In the case of pronounced bags under the eyes, surgical removal is usually the only really promising treatment method. This applies in particular to customers with hereditary or age-related bags under the eyes who do not respond to home remedies or healthy lifestyle habits. The bags under the eyes are removed as part of a short procedure that only lasts about an hour.

The exact course of the operation can vary from person to person. The decisive factor for the selected surgical method is how strong the bags under the eyes are pronounced and whether the skin is also slack on the surface. As a rule, the doctor makes a short skin incision just under the eyelid, which later cannot be seen with the naked eye. Through this incision, he removes stored fatty tissue and, if necessary, tightens the skin under the eyes. The result is smooth, even skin without bags under the eyes.

The lower eyelid lift or the removal of the bags under the eyes can in most cases be carried out under local anesthesia. The customer can leave the clinic immediately and does not have to accept any lengthy downtimes. Only sport and other physically demanding activities should be avoided in the first few weeks after removing the bags under the eyes.

The procedure has the advantage that the bags under the eyes are removed permanently and with excellent aesthetic results. Larger excess skin that has developed on the lower eyelid due to age can also be removed during the operation. The entire eye area appears fresher, more alert and visually rejuvenated after the procedure. If the bags under the eyes form again with increasing age, the operation can be repeated if necessary.