How do bicycles make noise

My bike makes cracking / creaking noises. How can I fix this?

In general, noises when driving can have a variety of causes. The source is also difficult to locate due to the large pipe diameter. We recommend the following procedure to localize the cause of the noise:

- Ride out of the saddle in a heavy gear. If the noise is gone now, the cause is in the seat clamp / seat post area. In this case please check the screw connections in this area and grease the clamp connections if necessary.

- If the noise gets louder, the cause is probably in the drive or in the handlebar / stem / headset area. Stand over the top tube and vigorously bend the handlebars down in both directions. You should block the suspension fork on MTBs. Alternatively, stand next to the bike and push against the head tube with your knee. If you hear the noise now, the cause is probably in the headset or in the area of ​​the handlebar / stem / steerer tube clamp. Dismantle the affected components, check for possible damage, and clean and grease the area. Please do not grease carbon components, see tips for handling carbon components, put everything back together again. Please note the correct torque.

- If the cause lies in the bottom bracket / drive area, please check the screw connections of the chainrings, the crank arms and the pedals, with bear paw pedals in particular the connection between the pedal body and the pedal cage.
- A common cause of clicking noises is the bottom bracket shell. This should be cleaned and re-greased regularly, so a cracking bottom bracket is by no means defective. It is advisable to have the tools required for removal / installation available. You can get information and tips on dismantling / assembly by calling 02225-8888-222.

- In full suspension bikes, the bearings, especially the so-called "Horst Link", the joint in the chain stay, are another potential source of cracking noises. The bearings, like any moving part, are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear and, in the event of damage, are caused by play in the joints and creaking Noises attract attention. They can easily be exchanged. On new bikes, a loose bearing can (but rarely) be the cause of cracking noises.