Who is Sardo Numspa

In search of the golden child


Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy) specializes in missing children. One day he is approached by the mysterious Kee Nang (Charlotte Lewis). Chandler is tasked with helping her find a child who was abducted five days ago in Tibet. This is now just outside of Chandler's catchment area. He works more like that in Los Angeles.

Kee explains to the chatty Chandler that he is the chosen one to save the Golden Child (J.L. Reate). Every 1,000 generations a perfect child is born who will save the world. This golden child is the messenger of mercy. When the boy dies, humanity can wrap up right away.

The child was kidnapped by the prince of Hell Sardo Numspa (Charles Dance), who tries to induce the child with his henchmen to eat something unclean. Then the child becomes vulnerable and he can kill it. Chandler gradually gives in to his fate.

Opinion of Nils

I saw the film in the cinema back then. I enjoyed myself, but in the end I almost pissed myself off. The film is a typical 80s flick with chatterbox Eddie Murphy. As before in The soldiers of fortune or Beverly Hills Cop, the man chatters like a chatter. One stupid saying follows the next and it feels like Chandler can't take anything seriously. All that is at stake is the fate of humanity.

The story is straightforward and simple. Evil kidnaps good and wants to extinguish it. A group of good people hire a force for good to save the child. Of course, Chandler has a crush on Kee. We don't even have to talk about the two ending up together. For that matter, the movie is predictable.

In search of the golden child we basically only borne by the sayings of Eddie Murphys. Everyone around him stays professional and serious, only this weird kid detective from L.A. is talking and talking and talking. This is what Murphy was known for, and that's what he delivered.

Brit Charles Dance had been in business for a long time but had one role in James Bond 007 - On a Deadly Mission no significant roles. Okay, he doesn't necessarily have a leading role in the Bond flick either. With In search of the golden child he became known at least to a wider audience. He is elegant, sleek, wears his coat like a dark cloak and always talks calmly. The perfect villain. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough screen presence in the film. Eddie Murphy stole it from him.

And why did I almost pee my pants while watching the film? Well ... We weren't as surrounded by the media back then as we are now. Also, I wasn't always surrounded by scary stuff. When Sardo Numspa turns into a winged demon in the end, then that was pure horror for me at the time. The demon is clearly an animatronic monster that - if you look at it today - is really badly made. A little boy who was about to become a movie junkie was definitely overwhelmed.