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There are many reasons why you should resell old jewelry

There are many life situations, in which you have jewelry at home that you both with bad memories, as well as not wearing, for example because it has long been no longer modern is. It can be jewelry from an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband or just pieces of jewelry from earlier years in which a different fashion reigned. Jewelery is also often passed on as a legacy from generation to generation, but a lot is also sorted out. A A valuable piece of jewelry can also serve to make a long-awaited dream come true. There are many jewelry dealers, but they see seldom more than the material value and the type of workmanship in your jewelry. Jewelry lovers and collectors, on the other hand, see behind the facade and can quickly fall in love with your piece of jewelry and this can also affect the price. This guide will tell you how to sell a piece of jewelery well in a classified ad and what dangers to watch out for.

1. How much is my piece of jewelry worth?

One can only recommend to a layman that the Jewelry should be valued by a specialist retailer. To do this, you go into one Shop and shop for jewelry or possibly for Antiques with a jewelry department and offers his jewelry to the dealer. He will give you a total price, but if you have any questions go through each part individually. It will quickly become apparent which pieces of jewelry the retailer absolutely wants and which he pushes aside disparagingly. With a jewelry dealer, it is always important to note that he buys the jewelry for resale and in the end he wants to and has to make a profit. In the case of a private resale, there is no reason to enter into this resale price. It is always advisable yourself to obtain several opinions, because in reports from television it has often been proven that the Prices can vary greatly from retailer to retailer (best known example in estimating gold). Do you have If several prizes are obtained, an average price can be calculated and you get a rough guideline.

2. The right classified ad for jewelry

If you buy jewelry you should get a certificate with you

For the right classified ad, the product must be for the customer completely transparent become. At markt.de are in a free classified ad up to 5 photos can be integrated and this option should be used. Take photos from all sides and prepare the jewelry well. Clean it up and try different backgrounds with different lights to end up with beautiful and meaningful photos. Be in the description honest and also show deficiencies, because Honesty between buyer and seller forms a good basis for sales. Also tell the story of this piece of jewelry. In the case of objects from the Second World War, for example, you can name places, events and people that can be associated with the jewelry. Arouse the curiosity of potential buyers and make the property exciting and interesting.

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3. Danger from counterfeit jewelry?

For the Buying and trading on the internet always requires caution, so look at the classified ad very carefully and take it detailed contact with the seller on. For jewelry items in particular, you can go to a specialist dealer Certificate of Authenticity and you should always ask for this for expensive objects. If this is not available or the seller has no knowledge of this certificate, please ask him to have one prepared and renegotiate the costs. Such a Certificate reassures buyers and sellers.

4. The checkout process

With the regional searches at markt.de there is also the possibility of one Organize purchases close to where you live. This simplifies the handover and Before paying you can take a look at the piece of jewelry to be thrown. Say "No" at the last minute if you have any doubts, but state the reasons to the seller. When shipping via a delivery service, pay attention to the correct packagingto keep it on transport not to unplanned damage comes. Avoid such accidents and also consider whether you would prefer to have the package insured with the delivery service. This is up to a certain amount very inexpensive and shows the buyer your professionalism.



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