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Sports and leisure in the south of France

Sport and leisure should be in Vacation in the South of France don't miss out. Information on sports and leisure opportunities in the south of France, popular sports in the south of France and location information for Holiday accommodation in the south of France such as tennis or golf course, ski slopes or beaches near the holiday home help you plan your trip to the south of France. There is hardly a sport, whether summer or winter sports, water sports, hiking and cycling as competitive or recreational sports, that you could not practice in the south of France. Numerous summer and winter sports centers are spread all over the south of France, and even top athletes from France and many other countries train in summer camps and high-altitude training centers.

Traditionally, water sports, cycling, winter sports and several ball sports are the French favorite sports. For the numerous possibilities, water sports such as swimming, diving, sailing and surfing, there are countless seaside resorts and port cities with their marinas, marinas and nautical centers along the coast in southern France on the Mediterranean Sea on the Cote d'Azur and on the Atlantic. Sporty on two wheels: France’s cycling tradition is due to the Tour de France and countless regional cycling races such as the Paris-Nice bike tour and the tour of Catalonia in Roussillion in the south of France are well documented. There are hundreds of cyclists of all ages on the many scenic routes in southern France. Mountain bikers are on their way off the beaten track. Equestrian sports and aviation are also passionately practiced in France.

Ball sports such as rugby, football, golf and of course boules or petanque are traditional French sports and are very popular. There is no sunny afternoon in the south of France without a couple of men playing boules in the central village square under the shady plane trees, talking shop for points from the “pointiers” or targeted shots from the “tireurs” and having a lot of fun when they end up having theirs The balls are closest to the "cochon", the small ball.

In the south of France, anglers also pursue their hobby on rivers and lakes, on the open sea or in the canals. Many book their holiday homes for a fishing holiday near well-known fishing waters or in the fishing areas of southern France. In addition to the purely sporting activities, there are of course a variety of other leisure activities that ensure great holiday experiences on holiday in the south of France.

Adventure and leisure parks, fun pools (Aqualands) and zoos or game reserves as well as nature parks and butterfly or turtle and safari parks offer many attractions. Learning languages ​​or doing artistically in painting and drawing courses, pottery courses is very popular in the south of France. Friends of photography, architecture, history, ornithology and geology will also find wonderful photo motifs and historical buildings (Pont du Gard, Papal Palace Avignon, etc.), a large number of caves, grottos and ruins, remains of religious sites such as the Cathar castles and beautiful castles in the south of France.

Gourmets can go on wine tours and tastings, see the making of world-famous cheeses (Tomme de Savoie, Roquefort, etc.) in person or take part in cooking courses. Concerts, theater (including theater for children!), Exhibitions and marine museums, fireworks and animations, demonstrations and festivals provide additional opportunities for leisure activities in the south of France.