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PC WORLD series: This is how hackers work

Thorsten Eggeling

Almost every day there are reports of security gaps in operating systems and software. And hackers often manage to exploit these loopholes. Here you can find out how the security gaps occur, how hackers use the gaps and how you can protect your systems.

EnlargeHackers find security gaps in programs and skillfully exploit them. PC-WELT shows how such hacks work.
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If a virus can secretly sneak onto the PC, a hacker changes a website or an attacker paralyzes a server, then it is often very similar security holes that are exploited by the hackers.

These gaps include SQL injection, buffer overflow or cross-site scripting. In the new series “This is how hackers work”, PC-WELT explains what such vulnerabilities look like and how you can protect your system against attacks.

The first part is about buffer overflow. In loose succession, we add further episodes to the series - from hacking a website to programming malicious apps. Because only those who know how the criminals proceed can protect their system accordingly.

Annotation: The term “hacker” is used in this article in its slang meaning. This means a person who maliciously manipulates software and penetrates other PCs and networks. For a better demarcation, the "bad guys" are often referred to as "crackers". In its original meaning, which is still valid for many programmers, hacker was not negatively connoted. In this understanding, a hacker is simply a technically interested person who deals with computer systems and programming.