How accurate is google maps in Canada

Google Maps: Discover "Petrified Warrior" in Canada


With Google Maps, users are constantly discovering curiosities on the Internet. A naturally created phenomenon that you can discover on the map service is the Badlands Guardian in Canada. That's what the "petrified warrior" is all about.

The "Badlands Guardian" is a formation created by nature that, from the air, is reminiscent of an ancient warrior who looks to the west. It is not a mountain range, as you might suspect, but a valley. The formation was probably created by the erosion of the clay soil in the area as a result of the effects of wind and water. Experts estimate the age of the formation to be at least 100 years. If you want to catch a glimpse of the Badlands Guardian on Google Maps, click here.

But Google's map service lets you discover a lot more - such as the Marree Man. A 2.7-kilometer-wide drawing of the earth by a man that was discovered in 1998 in a former restricted military area in Australia. Who created it has not yet been finally clarified.

In addition to such formations created by nature or man, the view from space sometimes creates funny illusions. For example, users recently spotted giant jellyfish and a prehistoric insect in the USA. In fact, behind the supposed monsters are everyday things that just look different from the air. Far more creepy, however, is this find a man made on the Google aerial photos in the Miami area. After all, he helped solve a 22-year-old criminal case.

But not only the aerial photos in Google Maps are full of secrets and surprises, Google's map service itself also has some hidden functions. In another article we will introduce you to secret Google Maps functions. For example, you will never forget where you parked.

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