Sports betting still good

NetBet Sports Betting Review: Are They Still Good?

NetBet sports betting as a betting provider has already been around for a few years. In the test, we examined whether the shop is still worthwhile.

Our own experiences with the makers are rather suboptimal. However, this has absolutely no influence on our rating, but is assigned to the personal area. You will learn more about this later.

In the review, we not only look at the betting program and the odds, but also examine the background: Who is behind it, how long does a payout take and of course: What is there in terms of betting bonuses?

The welcome bonus is a free bet of up to 100 euros and there are also a number of free rewards in the long term.

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NetBet Sports Bonus

In order to make its own website attractive to new players, NetBet is offering a welcome bonus. The betting bonus is provided in the form of a free bet of up to 100 euros.

The amount of the free bet is determined by the first bet. If you place a bet over 10 euros, there is a 10 euros free bet; if you place a bet of 100 euros, the bonus bet is 100 euros.

The minimum amount is 10 euros and the total betting odds on the ticket must be at least 1.20 euros. It does not matter whether it is a single bet or a combination bet.

There are also 50 free spins for the slot machines, each with a stake of 20 cents.

Use the free bet

By the way, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose your first bet. The free bet will be credited in any case as soon as the first bet has been settled.

The free bet can then be used for any sport. In the case of a single bet, the odds must be at least 1.75. If, on the other hand, you play a combination, then each individual event included must be quoted with at least 1.40.

You only get the pure winnings of the bet paid out, the stake is deducted again. With a free bet of 100 euros on the rate 2.0, you end up with 100 euros in credit.

This credit is not subject to any conditions. We can immediately pay out the winnings as real money without any wagering requirements.

By the way, you cannot activate the bonus with deposits via Skrill and Neteller.

Another bonus and loyalty program

Even after the welcome bonus you can take one or the other reward with you. If you are looking for regular bonus offers, we actually serve you quite well here.

Among other things, the following special offers are included:

  • Weekly € 5 basketball free bet: If you bet at least € 10 on any basketball game, you get € 5 as a free bet. The 10 euro bet must be a combination with at least 3 games and these games must all have at least 1.50 betting odds.
  • Weekly € 5 Bundesliga free bet: To get this free bet, you only have to bet € 10 or more on the Bundesliga. Incidentally, this includes the German and Austrian soccer leagues. It can be a single or a combination bet, whereby the odds must also exceed 1.50 here.

You do not have to register for these bonus promotions. The first corresponding bet is automatically rewarded with the bonus every week.

Betting program

If we now turn to the betting program at NetBet, we can tick off another important point in the test. First, we look at the sports quoted and the number of betting events.

It looks pretty decent in that regard. In addition to soccer and futsal, you can also bet on Australian Aussie Rules Football. It runs through almost every imaginable sport, almost everything is included.

The betting markets are also well represented. There are far more than the usual match odds, over / under bets and tips on scorers. In some games you have up to 100 betting options.

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