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Magazinrundschau 23.03.2021[…] In an interview with Himal, law professor Pratiksha Baxi from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi outlines the desperate situation of raped women in India. Often they are not given […]Magazinrundschau 11.03.2021[…] big style at Indian tech universities. Sounds modern and diverse, but through the back door they also get what has not yet been overcome, despite some political measures Caste system into the boat, writes Saritha Rai: Anyone who has made it from the allegedly lower castes such as the Dalits to the elite universities via a quota system has to face a real bottleneck in discri there […]9punkt 08/01/2020[…] The juice of their arguments follows the cut of their knife. What these experts failed to consider, writes Wilkerson, 'is that when people voted that way they were doing their best. The Caste system keeping it as it was had always been in their best interest. And some were willing to endure short-term inconvenience, to forego health insurance, the pollution of […]Magazinrundschau 07/05/2020[…] Play, stops Caste system each in a fixed place. ... In everyday life, it is not racism that makes a white shopper in a clothing store go up to any black or brown person who is also shopping and ask for a different size sweater ... It is the box affiliation or rather compliance with the Caste system. It's the autonomous one […] External. You can point to it and take action against it. But underneath, so to speak, under the skin, lies a structure that Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson in an essay worth reading as Caste system describes that is comparable to that of India. "In the United States, racism and casteism often occur at the same time, overlap, or belong to the same scenario […]Magazine review June 15, 2020[…] triggered by the death of George Floyd, with India, where people - especially Muslims and Dalit - are constantly falling victim to police violence. But would such demonstrations against racism or that Caste system unthinkable, not to mention the grinding of monuments, says Roy. She does not see the hashtag #dalitlivesmatter as an unlawful appropriation: "I think it's an attempt to get along […]9punkt 01.06.2019[…] In an interview with Gary Younge from the Guardian, Arundhati Roy, who was just out and about in America, criticized the Indian left: "When you speak of the 'left' in India, you mean the communist part […]9punkt 02/18/2019[…] about access to certain social benefits, university places or jobs in the civil service. These are awarded through a system that knows quotas for low castes. Was previously hoped that Caste system will lose importance in the course of the years anyway, so the quotation has ultimately cemented the system further. " […]9punkt 04.12.2018[…] Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit activist from India. In the New York Times she describes how Dalits - once called "untouchables" - first on Twitter as an instrument of opinion […]Ivy 11/15/2018[…] mostly American - institutions are dominated: "The network is impermeable - opportunities for advancement are zero. Once you start on the island, you stay there. The art market is like that Caste system in India. "In order to give others a chance, state museums must also give artists" exhibitions that do not come from the top galleries. That could be in an equivalent to 'Blind […]Magazinrundschau 08/30/2018[…] More: Susan Pedersen reviews two books on the suffragette's struggle for women's suffrage. Tariq Ali reads in Sujatha Gidla's family story "Ants among Elephants" about the fight against Caste system and about social mobility. […]9punkt31.01.2018[…] could not enroll in the Aadhaar program, which is a prerequisite for further payment of his pension. Also the already stigmatized 'untouchables' (Dalits) in India Caste system are on the lowest level, often do not have an Aadhaar card and therefore do not receive any social benefits. ... people who cannot identify themselves using their biometric features will be […]Magazinrundschau 05.12.2017[…] On this occasion, Grecs├│ spoke to Eszter Herskovits about the conditions in the country and the ever fewer opportunities for advancement, which brought social mobility to a standstill: "That Caste system is reestablishing itself. (...) Let's take a look at the children at the elite high schools: which behavior patterns they must already have from home, the expected ones […]Magazinrundschau, November 18, 2017[…] In an essay, Mathieu Ferry deals with the allegation of "terrorism against the sacred cow" in India. Since its late invention in the Middle Ages and the associated ban, you […]9punkt20.10.2016[…] through the election tax and reading and writing tests. And he himself cannot vote in Mississippi because he is serving a suspended sentence. Racial ones form throughout our history Caste systemsthat exclude African Americans from the majority society, over and over again. " […]9punkt 25.09.2014[…] March). In an interview with Jan Ross (Zeit), Roy contrasts the subversive Ambedkar with the conservative Gandhi, who does Caste system Lifelong defended: "Gandhi's doctrine of non-violence rests on a foundation of constant, brutal, extreme violence - because that is it Caste system. It cannot be sustained without the threat and use of force. Dalits are still running today […]