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Status: May 21, 2021

Almost three months after the death of the Munich entrepreneur Heinz Hermann Thiele, his heirs are gradually withdrawing from their involvement with Lufthansa. The family company KB Holding split overnight from a good half of the stake that Thiele had bought the year before his death in February. The managed holding raised 323 million euros from the sale of 33 million shares. That means a relatively high discount on yesterday's closing price and that puts the stocks under considerable pressure. Lufthansa shares are 6.2 percent cheaper. Knorr-Bremse's papers are slightly up. The DAX and MDAX presented themselves similarly at noon, the DAX rose 0.1 percent to 15,390, the MDAX gained 0.3 percent. The past few days on the stock exchanges were partly characterized by sharp ups and downs. Traders expected this to stay that way for the time being. The euro stands at $ 1.22. Gabriel Wirth B5 Exchange

The chemical trip BASF and the utility RWE want to cooperate on climate protection. They want to build a joint offshore wind farm that will supply the Ludwigshafen chemical site with green electricity. The aim is to make the production of basic chemicals climate-neutral. RWE shares are up 0.3 percent, while BASF is down 0.2 percent. The stock exchanges lost some momentum over the weekend. At least yesterday's price gains will be defended. The DAX is trading 40 points higher at 15,410. The euro costs 1.2230 dollars. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange

The German economy grew in May, but not as strongly as expected. The purchasing manager index, which is calculated by the IHS Markit Institute, climbed 0.4 to 56.2 points. Economists, however, had expected an increase to 57.1 points. Problem: Demand in industry is still high, but more and more companies are struggling with delivery bottlenecks. One keyword, for example, is the global shortage of semiconductor chips. In addition, purchase prices are increasing at a rate that has never been observed in the last 20 years. The DAX remains in the profit zone, but only just barely. He wins 15 to 15 385 points. Conti and RWE lead the index with gains of up to 1.5 percent. The euro costs 1.22 $ 20. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange

At the end of a volatile week, which, however, already set a new record, the DAX rose 48 to 15,418 points at the beginning. In the DAX, the BMW share is at the top with a plus of 1.3 percent. The car manufacturer is hoping for a lower antitrust penalty in an EU proceeding. Specifically, it should be about illegal agreements between the German car manufacturers in the exhaust gas cleaning technology. The violations are said to have occurred between 2006 and 2014. BMW is now assuming that the EU will take back its allegations significantly and that the penalty will be lower. That should have a positive effect on the result in the second quarter, which could be a billion euros higher. After the Thiele family left the MDAX, Lufthansa lost around 6 percent. The heirs of Heinz Hermann Thiele have more than halved the share package from 10 to 4.5 percent overnight. The euro costs 1.20 $ 30. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange

The DAX has seen some fluctuations, but the bottom line is that it remains at a record level this week as well. Yesterday it closed with 15,370 points. Currently it is unofficially calculated a few points higher. The guidelines are good. In Tokyo, the Nikkei index closed 0.8 percent higher at 28,318 points. A good year ago, Heinz Hermann Thiele joined Lufthansa. At times the family patriarch, whose most important property is the Munich-based Knorr Bremse AG, owned more than 15 percent of the airline. after his unexpected death at the end of February, the family decided to leave. The share will be reduced from 10 to 4.5 percent. Lufthansa are cheaper in early trading to 10.30 euros. This puts the price between yesterday's rate at 10.80 euros and the selling price at which the Thiele heirs sold their stake - namely for 9.80 euros. This adjustment is a normal process after such transactions. The euro costs 1.22 $ 30. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange

Heinz Hermann Thiele's heirs sold part of the Lufthansa shares. The share is reduced from 10 to 4.5 percent. The volume of the transaction: 323 million euros. Thiele only got on board with the airline last March. Heinz Hermann Thiele died unexpectedly in February. His life's work was Knorr Bremse AG in Munich, which he restructured and made the world market leader. The heirs adhere to this unchanged. The specifications for the last trading day of the week are good. The New York stock exchanges closed with partly strong profits, especially high-tech stocks like Microsoft were in demand. In Tokyo, the Nikkei index gains 0.8 percent. What does this mean for the German stock exchanges? The DAX closed yesterday at a firm 15,370 points. This morning it is projected to a good 15,400. The euro costs 1.22 $ 30. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange

After a changeable week, the DAX is about to close on a friendly week. In New York, the Dow Jones closed 0.6 percent higher, the NASDAQ even rose 1.8 percent. We were looking for Microsoft and Salesforce. Salesforce produces cloud-based business software and is currently mostly rated well by analysts. The company benefits from increasing digitization. Tokyo complements the good specifications from overseas with an increase of 0.6 percent. The DAX rose to 15,370 points yesterday. He could march in the direction of 15,400. The Lufthansa share in focus: Heinz-Hermann Thiele's heirs are parting with a large block of shares and reducing their stake from 10 to 4.5 percent. The euro costs 1.22 $ 30. Rigobert Kaiser B 5 stock exchange