How much does a watch battery cost

What does it cost to change a car battery?

What can a new car battery and changing it cost in the workshop?

In the course of a car's life it is usually necessary to change the car battery several times. The car battery costs depend on the factors capacity, quality level, battery type and design. A general statement on the costs cannot be made in view of the diversity. Find out here why you shouldn't choose the cheapest model when buying a new car battery and what costs can be expected when visiting the workshop. At the same time, you can calculate the exact cost of changing your car and reserve a desired date online.

Beware of inexpensive bargains

Changing the battery causes costs and no car driver wants to spend a lot of money unnecessarily. And today there are many ways to buy a new car battery cheaply. However, cheap non-name models or dubious sources of supply are not recommended. A new battery has to be suitable for the respective vehicle. This means that it should correspond to the original type ex works. In addition to lead batteries and gel batteries, there are now a large number of other types. In addition, the new battery must exactly match the old battery in terms of its dimensions and mounting options, because it must take up the same space. The holder must fit as well as the connections for the cables and the battery ventilation. Of course, the capacity of the replacement battery should be the same as that of the original battery.

Composition of the costs when changing batteries

Since the time required for the change is manageable at 30 minutes to an hour, so are the overall costs for the battery change. Depending on the hourly wage, the cost of changing is in the lower three-digit euro range. Also included is a new battery, disposal, the time required and a possible material flat rate (pole grease, terminals, etc.). While a new battery is being installed, a workshop should supply the on-board network with power. In this way, the coding of the radio, the memory seats and many other control units are retained. After installation, it should be checked that the starting and charging system is working properly.

Cost factors when changing the car battery

The cost of a new car battery depends on many factors. The more capacity it offers, the more expensive it is. Some manufacturers also offer batteries in different quality levels. There are maintenance-free batteries and those in which the workshop has to regularly check the fill level of the cells. Therefore, a general statement on the costs cannot be made.

What does it cost to change a car battery?

A reliable car battery in OEM quality (for the VW Golf 4, 55 Ah) usually costs from around 100 euros. In addition, there is a charge of 20 euros or more for changing the old battery. You can have the exact prices for the battery change in your vehicle calculated on FairGarage and make an appointment for a change in a workshop in your area directly online.

Examples of costs for replacement in the workshop:



Abarth 500 Cabrio (150), 595C Competizione

from 136 EUR

Audi Q3 (8UB), 2.0 TFSI quattro

from 412 EUR

BMW X1 (F48), sDrive18i

from 375 EUR

Nissan Leaf, Tekna

from 141 EUR

Ford Fiesta (CE1), trend

from 254 EUR

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (BM 168), A 140

from 208 EUR

VW Golf VII Variant (BA5), Cup BMT

from 266 EUR

Opel Vectra B Lim., Basis

from 129 EUR

All of the above prices for changing the car battery are guide values ​​(labor costs and partial prices) including VAT. These can vary depending on the region and vehicle model. The exact costs for your vehicle in your region can be calculated individually at FairGarage.

Battery disposal when changing in the workshop

According to the Battery Act from 2009, car batteries are generally subject to a deposit of 7.50 euros (Section 10, BattG). This deposit is intended to prevent illegal disposal. After all, a battery contains a mix of different substances and materials that should not be released into the environment (lead, lead sulfate, acid, etc.).

Disposing of the car battery: price for the vehicle owner

When changing in the workshop, 7.50 euros for a new battery will be offset against the deposit for the old battery. There are therefore no additional costs for the vehicle owner. It also ensures that the old car battery is properly disposed of by the workshop. As a rule, specialized disposal companies collect the used batteries from the workshops. The disposal companies dismantle the battery and can thus recycle a large part of the valuable substances.

The change in the workshop - that speaks for it

Many drivers consider battery replacement a simple procedure. But a car is not a flashlight. Particularly in new vehicles, the car battery is sometimes so inadequately installed that it can only be changed by specialists. A change in the workshop also has other advantages. Only a competent car repair shop can guarantee that the correct battery that is optimally suited to the vehicle is installed when changing. After all, the number of different systems and types has increased significantly in recent years.

Some batteries are only built to fit into a specific vehicle. When choosing the right battery, the workshop must therefore look carefully. There are also devices in the workshop that can be used to maintain the voltage in the car while the battery is being changed. In this way, the stored data is retained in memory systems, the multimedia system and other systems.

When is the exchange necessary?

Car batteries lose their capacity over time and at some point the only thing that helps is replacement. And that's not that rare. There are more and more problems with the car battery, especially in winter. It is not for nothing that the car battery is now one of the most common causes of car breakdowns: under the influence of low temperatures, the existing capacity of the battery is often no longer sufficient to start the engine. People tend to forget that a modern vehicle constantly consumes electricity, even when it is not in use. If the car is not used for several weeks, the battery will still be discharged.

You can arrange the right date for changing the battery at a competent workshop near you online at FairGarage. Short installation time, the right model, professional installation and a complete check of the car's electrics are good reasons for switching to a workshop.