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Welcome to the website of the Federal Foreign Office

The Federal Foreign Office warns against unnecessary tourist trips abroad, as drastic restrictions in international air and travel traffic, and global entry restrictions, quarantine measures and restrictions on public life in many countries can still be expected. The risk that you will no longer be able to make your return journey due to increasing restrictions is currently high in many destinations.

International air traffic was resumed to a limited extent within the framework of bilateral agreements. With the exception of e-visas and visas for tourist and medical purposes, entry by water or air with the visas suspended with effect from March 13, 2020 has been possible again since October 21, 2020 (provided that their validity has not expired). Entry with newly issued visas is again permitted, with the exception of visas for tourist purposes. It is still not possible to enter India by land.

Visas from Germans who have already entered India remain valid. A visa extension for Germans who are already in India must be applied for - also online - via the locally responsible. No fine for "overstay" will be levied for departures up to 30 days after the travel restrictions have been lifted.
If you are currently a German tourist in India stop: the FRRO is not extending tourist visas any further, but instead issuing a so-called Exit Permit, within the period of validity of which you have to leave India.
Air traffic within India was resumed on May 25, 2020. Appropriate measures to contain the pandemic such as mask compulsory, fever measurements, distance rules are being carried out.
Inquire in good time with the respective airline about the exact details of the procedure as well as any quarantine measures or other applicable provisions of individual Indian states or Union territories.
Current information can be found on the websites of the airport or the

In order to receive up-to-date information directly from us about the situation, German citizens have the option - if they have not already done so - to register in our crisis prevention list.

We also recommend that you keep yourself informed about the situation: via the Indian media, the Indian website, the German Foreign Office's travel and safety information - ideally via the free “Safe Travel” app.