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Jay-Z is the first rap billionaire

The 49-year-old, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and used to be a drug dealer, rules an extensive business empire.

Jay-Z is the first rap billionaire in history. As the US magazine "Forbes" reported on Monday, the fortune of the 49-year-old with the real name Shawn Carter has exceeded the threshold of one billion dollars (890 million euros).

Jay-Z doesn't just make his money with music, he also rules a wide-ranging business empire. He holds various company shares, for example in the spirits business and in the transport service provider Uber.

Jay-Z, who grew up in a poor area of ​​Brooklyn in New York and was a former drug dealer, is one of the most successful rap and hip-hop musicians of all time. He is also an entrepreneur in the music and entertainment business. He holds shares worth $ 75 million in the entertainment company Roc Nation and $ 100 million in the music streaming service Tidal.

Another focus of Jay-Z's entrepreneurial activities is fine spirits. He is involved in the champagne brand Armand de Brignac and the cognac manufacturer D'Ussé. Together with his wife, R&B diva Beyoncé, Jay-Z also owns real estate worth around $ 50 million, according to Forbes.

It had often been assumed that the rap mogul Dr. Dre had reached billionaire status. But according to "Forbes" his fortune was "only" about 770 million dollars last year. The magazine puts the fortune of Diddy, another giant of the rap and hip-hop genre, at 825 million dollars.