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11 stars nobody likes to work with

Hollywood can be very stressful. No wonder then that some people lose their composure. But everything has its limits and great talent or not, nobody wants to work with these 11 actors anymore.

It is well known that some stars are very demanding. No wonder, after all, they often make the box office ringing. But some don't know any limits and make filming a permanent stress for co-actors and crew. But which stars are actually the worst and who have the airs of their career harmed?

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Katherine Heigl
A planned series that Katherine Heigl had already signed for was passed from one production company to the next with the comment that while it would be perfect for the role, it just wasn't worth the effort. Because Heigl stands out above all because she gossips about her own films, criticizes the script on the set and makes ridiculous demands. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this has permanently damaged her career.

Steven Seagal
He is known for treating his co-stars and especially stuntmen like the last shit. To make sure that they are perfectly protected, Steven Seagal kicks them in the soft tissues. After a quick laugh at what he thought was a joke, John Leguizamo was also hit several times by the actor. No wonder that little has been heard from the action star lately.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is particularly noticeable with absurd demands, such as drying the shower before using it. On the set of Iron Man 2, she reportedly refused to speak to Scarlett Johansson. Since she also likes to complain about colleagues and their projects, it is hardly surprising that rumor has it that “nobody likes Gwyn” and that she has lost almost all of her friends.

Charlie Sheen
After Charlie Sheen was kicked out of Two and a Half Men a few years ago for his antics and constant absence, he started the series Anger Management. He soon had his colleague Selma Blair thrown out because she complained about precisely this behavior. In spring 2014 he fell back into his old behavior so much that the shooting was delayed.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is now notorious for only disturbing the set. Allegedly, she stops filming for hours by crawling into her trailer and sometimes staying there until evening. According to director Paul Schrader, she would otherwise cause such chaos that it would be almost impossible to work with. In addition, she always comes too late and then demands everything possible.

Christian Bale
While he is loved by fans for his versatility and great talent, Christian Bale is feared on set. The actor takes his work more than seriously and so tantrums over all sorts of little things are not uncommon. Despite his behavior and the nervousness of the crew during the filming, his popularity with the fans is so great that he continues to enjoy great success.

Jennifer Aniston
With her, opinions fluctuate between arrogant and loner. Jennifer Aniston's trailer was far away from everyone else on her last shoot. When everyone on the set went to the canteen together during their lunch break, she supposedly got something to take away and then ate it alone in the said caravan. She also demanded, among other things, that the $ 50,000 weekly cost of her hairdresser should be borne by the production company.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez's behavior on the set of What Happens When It Happened was literally without words. Seemingly stressed out by the paparazzi presence, she refused to speak to anyone on the set. Anyone who had anything to say to her had to turn to her personal assistant. This anti-social behavior made filming with her almost impossible.

Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer has now managed to have pretty much every director he has ever worked with had negative things to say about him. Be it outrageous behavior towards the filming team, verbal failures in interviews, leaving the set or the madness that both colleagues and ex-partners say about him. In the meantime his career has stagnated and he can mostly only be seen in direct-to-DVD productions.

Bruce Willis
"I want to thank everyone who contributed to this film"said Kevin Smith, director of Cop Out - Loaded and unlocked after filming, "Except Bruce, who's a fucking asshole". Bruce Willis not only attracted negative attention on the set, but also refused to attend PR events for the film. But he is anything but popular with journalists. When attending public relations events, he is often abusive and abusive.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is primarily known on set for her emotional extremes. The highlight was the shooting of Hook, where she was soon only called “Tinkerhell” by the crew because she was said to have been as emotionally fragile as Tinkerbell and various stars came over to see if she was really okay .

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