Where can I get an iPad 2?

Keep using your old iPad: New life for old tablets - what you need to know

It is part of marketing that new products are praised and pretended that older devices are no longer usable. This is especially true if some models no longer receive the latest operating system update. Whereby Apple mostly only focuses on the advantages of the new products.

Read books, surf the web

The apps that are installed on your iPad at the factory will still work even if you are no longer using the latest iOS, let alone installing it. This allows you, for example, to use the iPad as an e-book reader for years after purchase. Load the right books onto the device, for example for traveling on the train or plane or reading on the balcony or sofa and off you go on a journey through fantasy worlds or prose texts.

You can also use an old iPad as a great browser. Granted, Apple's Safari will then no longer receive updates, but you should install alternative browsers on the device that still work on it today and are even still updated. These include, for example, iCab or Dolphin. With these browsers, even on devices with iOS 9, you don't have to worry about falling victim to security holes or not being able to access modern websites.

The iPad as a second screen and media hub

One application that even users of the latest iPad models keep considering is the one used as a second screen. There are dozens of apps that make this possible.

You can also download content to the devices via streaming providers and watch them on the go. Or you can use the iPad directly for streaming YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other services.

Free recipes

There are some apps that, if you wish, explain recipes step by step in front of your eyes. You could install this on an older iPad and at the same time install the device in a suitable stand or bracket in the kitchen.

What sometimes helps in the kitchen is music. Activate "Hey Siri", turn off the device and use it as a replacement for a smart speaker in a stand.

Apple tablet as a digital picture frame

Many users complain again and again about how little memory Apple adds to its devices. But for some purposes even the small amount of memory is completely sufficient.

If you still have an older Apple tablet at home, you can alternatively use it as a digital picture frame. Hang it on the wall or place it on the bedside table or desk with suitable products such as "iFrame".

Other uses

Not that you think we're running out of creativity. For example, you could attach the iPad to the refrigerator and reorder groceries.
Or you can use the iPad as an arcade machine. There were accessories such as iCade, which you can still order new and used today.

There are many more uses for older devices if you just think about it long enough. Tell us how you use older iPads.

Tip: Of course there are websites like Find Old Apps or iOS Compatible that can help you track down apps that also work on your old Apple tablets.

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