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Year of birth 1972

That was 1972: the headlines of the year

What happened in 1972 Cable television is introduced in America. Don McLean has his first and biggest hit with “American Pie”. Pink Floyd begins recording her hit album "Dark Side of the Moon". With "Pong" the first commercial computer game comes onto the market and begins its triumphal march. Today's largest European software manufacturer "SAP" is founded in Weinheim by five former IBM employees. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Bundestag decides to lower the voting age to 18 years. In Washington, the Watergate affair gets rolling. The first issue of the men's magazine “Playboy” appears in Germany. In Munich, the Olympic Games are overshadowed by the Olympic attack. The telephone numbers 110 and 112 are decided in Germany as a nationwide emergency call. Eugene Andrew Cernan is the last person to leave the lunar surface to this day. Andrei Sakharov marries Jelena Bonner. The American magazine “Time” named Richard Nixon the person of the year 1972.

Sports 1972: winners and competitions

The XX. Summer Olympics will be held in Munich. The 1972 Winter Olympics take place in Sapporo. FC Bayern Munich becomes football champions for the 1971/1972 Bundesliga season. FC Schalke 04 wins the 1972 DFB Cup. Klaus Wolfermann is Germany's Athlete of the Year 1972. Heide Ecker-Rosendahl is named Athlete of the Year in Germany. Emerson Fittipaldi wins Formula 1 and becomes World Champion of 1972.

Culture 1972: Music, Films and Literature

The rhythm for the year in the FRG is among others. Vicky Leandros with the song "Ich hab 'die Liebe geseh'n", which ranks high in the 1972 charts. Vicky Leandros wins the Eurovision Song Contest 1972. At the box office in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1972 it is mainly “Four Fists for a Hallelujah”, “The Godfather” and “Let itch, buddy” ensure good business. At the 1972 Academy Awards, the film "The French Connection" was named Film of the Year and won a total of five Academy Awards. Gene Hackman receives the Oscar for Best Actor, Jane Fonda receives the Award for Best Actress. Heinrich Böll is the recipient of the 1972 Nobel Prize for Literature. The West German fiction bestsellers in 1972 are "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" by Johannes Mario Simmel and "The Jackal" by Frederick Forsyth.

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