How much does a surrogate mother cost

The cost and price of surrogacy, egg / sperm donation and artificial insemination in Ukraine, a surrogate mother and costs incurred

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The price of surrogacy and the cost of a surrogate mother

Surrogacy in Ukraine arose in 1983. The heyday and development of infertility treatment technologies in the country in the early 1990s was marked by the appearance of the first child born with the help of a surrogacy program. In 1992, the country's leading reproductive doctors established the Association of Reproductive Doctors of Ukraine. As early as 1995, Ukraine's first surrogate mother gave birth to a child for her daughter. The girl was born in Kharkov, was healthy and was given the name Ekaterina. Thus, among the CIS countries, Ukraine was a pioneer in the successful implementation of surrogacy in the territory of Ukraine.

Rapid development led to the opening of public and private reproductive clinics. In those years and now, the state has supported the development of assisted reproductive technologies in every possible way, created and improved the legal framework to support surrogacy in Ukraine and other methods of treating infertility. Since 2000 Ukraine has become a respected participant in international conferences and Kharkov has become a center for surrogacy in Ukraine.

In the 2000s, Ukraine began the growth and improvement of commercial ART. As a result, the number of private reproduction centers has increased. All of this combined with the low cost of surrogacy naturally attracted foreign nationals. The cost of a surrogate mother abroad was much higher than in Ukraine. Here's the comparison: a US surrogate mother costs approximately $ fifty thousand. And that's excluding running costs, individual bills for medical, legal, and other related procedures. If a caesarean section is required during delivery, the total surrogacy cost can exceed $ 100,000. In Ukraine, the cost of the entire program is about twice as low.

In January 2017, Ukraine caught up with the leading Western countries in their ART experience: a "three-parent child" was born. Thus, Ukrainian reproductive clinics with a medical level comparable to the US, but the cost of a surrogate mother that is much lower, have become one of the top reproductive tourism destinations.

Another attractive feature of the Ukrainian reproduction legislation is the protection of the rights of birth parents from possible claims of a surrogate mother. At the very beginning, the surrogate mother in Ukraine signs a waiver of rights to the child, and psychological tests help to eliminate applicants with unstable psyche who are prone to misperforming their roles.

Despite the different prices for surrogacy, the selection of participants in surrogacy programs in Ukraine is no less strict than in other countries. The most common requests are as follows:

  • At least one healthy baby that was born naturally.
  • Negative drug, alcohol, nicotine tests, as well as tests for sexually transmitted diseases and more.
  • No somatic and mental pathologies.
  • Psychological suitability for the role of surrogate mother.

Surrogate mothers undergo regular examinations and tests: in order to avoid attempts to forge certificates, the reproductive clinic itself monitors the state of health.

Married women are only allowed to participate in the program with the written consent of their spouse. The cost of a surrogate mother is not disclosed. The testimony of experienced surrogate mothers shows that just one participation in the program can solve many problems: improving living conditions, paying for education for children.

The relationships between the surrogate mother and the birth parents are very individual. Some couples, when contacting the reproductive clinic, insist that they introduce themselves and stay in touch with the woman who is carrying their child. Others can only choose a correct candidate based on the photo. The same situation remains after the child is born: biological parents can keep in close contact with the surrogate mother even after the end of the program, send photos of the child (s) or even not allow her to see the born child.

The price for surrogacy includes

The price of surrogacy includes not only the price of a surrogate mother, but also the cost of maintenance during pregnancy (food, clothing, transportation, and other costs). Multiple pregnancies or the need for a caesarean section add a few thousand dollars to the price. And despite all of this, the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine remains frugal even for Ukrainians, not to mention foreigners.

The guaranteed offers of the reproductive clinics are of great importance. They are economical and consist in purchasing a package of benefits with a guaranteed result - the birth of a healthy child. In the event of an unsuccessful embryo transfer or a miscarriage, the entire cycle of interventions is repeated indefinitely until delivery is successful. The cost of a surrogate mother is included in the service package. In particular, such conditions are recognized by the Center for Reproduction of Professor A.M. Feskov in the homeland of Ukrainian surrogacy - offered in Kharkov.

Many who come to us because of the attractive price of a surrogate mother in Ukraine find interesting surrogacy offers at affordable prices: the Ukrainian surrogate mother takes part in the program with a trip to the USA, the Czech Republic and Canada. At the same time, the most expensive reproductive manipulations are carried out in Ukraine, which reduces the cost of surrogacy compared to other offers. On the Feskov Clinic's YouTube channel, you can watch interviews with surrogate mothers in Ukraine, doctors and get to know customer reviews from all over the world.