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UN / United Nations

In a nutshell
UNO is the English abbreviation for "United Nations". This is a world organization. Almost all states on earth are members. The UN wants to make the world more peaceful. She tries to mediate between states when there is a dispute. She cares about human rights and the protection of children's rights.

Established after the Second World War

After the Second World War, the "United Nations Organization" was founded in 1945. In German one says "United Nations". The abbreviations are UNO or UN. The UN is based in New York. The states that united in the UN wanted to prevent world wars from repeating themselves. Today almost all countries in the world are members of the UN. If there are problems between states, the UN tries to mediate and thus prevent a war.

Goals of the UN

The UN works for the maintenance of world peace and international security, for the friendly cooperation of the members as well as for the protection of human rights.


The UN has established many sub-organizations. One of them is the UNICEF World Children's Fund, which looks after children all over the world. Another is UNESCO.

UN Security Council
One hears very often from the UN Security Council. The Security Council has primary responsibility for resolving disputes between countries. The USA, Russia, China, France and Great Britain are always represented on the Security Council. They are "permanent members". Other countries are only temporarily part of the Security Council. The permanent members of the Security Council can object to a decision taken by the majority of the member states. This then revokes this decision.

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