What do swords mean in tarot

“Ten of Swords” in the Tarot - break off, end, end

When the card “Ten of Swords” appears in the tarot, it speaks a clear language: it is about something ending. How can we interpret it?

Some tarot cards and their meaning frighten us at first. The “Ten of Swords” is such a card, it is noticeable just because of its cruel-looking image. But it is not necessarily to be viewed negatively. Rather, it shows that we are taking an important step in life: It stands for an end - and thus also for the possibility of a new beginning.

The main themes of the Ten of Swords tarot card are:

  • Abort, sudden incision
  • Line up, relationship off
  • Termination, abandonment of a project
  • conscious ending of a phase

Interpret tarot cards - the "ten of swords" and their meaning

A dark sky, a dead person on the ground, pierced by not one but ten swords - the tarot card “Ten of Swords” looks very gloomy at first glance. In fact, it means that violent end of something; a matter, a chapter, a life situation. In contrast to the “Death” card, it is not about a natural ending, but about one that is suddenly and deliberately brought about. It can be a difficult farewell, but it can also be about the pleasant and final conclusion of an ugly chapter.

So what to do when you draw the “ten of swords” in tarot? Presumably the card is suggesting that you end the matter you asked the tarot about - as quickly and decisively as possible. A hard cut can be just the thing for you. Nevertheless, be attentive and do not get rid of something that is important to you in a hurry. Listen to yourself; You will feel if the end is a wise choice. Sometimes it can be painful, but it can still be right.

In tarot, is the “ten of swords” a positive or a negative card?

Often times the card is viewed as negative, but it doesn't have to be. It can be a sad ending, but most of the time it is also an important ending; one that is ultimately good for us. There is also the possibility of interpreting the “10 of swords” tarot card in such a way that something bad is ended and we feel liberated. Maybe we will close an unpleasant phase and be very happy about it afterwards.


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