Why don't Tamils ​​like to speak Hindi?

Interpreter and translator for Indian languages

We know from our own experience that in a foreign country it is not always easy to get along without linguistic help.Indo Vacations would like to offer you the appropriate help!
We work with numerous translators and interpreters who are qualified in various foreign languages. Contact us and we will provide you with the services you need in the following languages:


On special request, a translation into another Indian or foreign language can be organized. Indo Vacations helps you with the translation of important documents, provides you with an interpreter for your meetings and conferences in India and is happy to organize a tour in your native language, etc. Also in case that you would like to travel through India accompanied by an interpreter, please contact Indo Vacations. Tell us about your travel program and you will see that not only your private vacation, but also your business trip is much more relaxed with language support. If you are interested in our translation service, we would like you ask you to submit your request in good time before the required date in order to give us the opportunity to take the appropriate organizational arrangements. Written documents to be translated can be sent by email or post to Indo Vacations will be sent, whereupon we will make you a non-binding cost proposal and discuss the details.(Contact)

Languages ​​in India

India has a linguistic diversity that hardly any other country on earth can offer. It is estimated that over 1,650 different languages ​​are spoken in India, not counting countless dialects. As a result, even the Indians often do not understand each other. Such "communication hurdles" are overcome by means of English, from which the foreign guest also benefits. You can find your way around the country with English!
About 72% of the Indian population speak Indo-Aryan languages, especially Hindi (38%), Bengali, Bihari, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, Assami, Kashmiri, Nepali and Urdu. In southern India, Dravida languages ​​are spoken by 25% of the population, mainly Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The remaining 3% speak languages ​​of Mongolian origin, such as the language of the approximately 350,000 inhabitants of Nagaland in northeast India. The official languages ​​are Hindi (in Devanagari script) and English; there are also 14 main regional languages ​​with equal status. All of the above except Nepali belong to it, as well as Sanskrit. Without even counting the numerous dialects, there are also around 220 languages, but most of them are only spoken by small groups and remote tribes. About 7% of the Indian population are assigned to such tribes, most of which live in the northeast, in Orissa and in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

We have put together the following vocabulary list for all those who would like to delight the Indians with a few bits of Hindi or want to know what they have just ordered in the restaurant:

VegetablesSabschiExpensiveMehangaDo you understand?Samjhe Aap?
fishMachaliLargeBadaOkay I got it!Ajah!
loafRotiThirstyPyasaI don't speak HindiMujhe Hindi Bolni nahi aati ha
NiceSundartomorrowCalWhat is their name?Aap ka kya naam ha?
100so200do so1000hassar