Most people fantasize during the service

The times of crisis upset the lives of all people and rearrange the work in the parishes. Especially the work with, by and for older people can no longer run in the usual ways. A wide range of new challenges arise.

Ideas and impulses to imitate

We want to support your work in the parishes, regions and church districts with concrete ideas to imitate and pass on, with impulses and thoughts. You are also welcome to send us your ideas and impulses.

NachMachBar despite Corona - idea sheets

How is it possible to meet older people in Corona times? Which projects have been tested? How can innovative senior work be successful? Subscribe to good ideas from practice for practice. Simply send an email to: alternde-ges[email protected] or a call on 0511 1241 593. We would be happy to send you the current idea sheets.

INSIDE LIFE - Strengthening sentences for unprecedented times

Corona has been determining our lives for over a year. And with it, psychological stress also increases. In order to give us all some help, meaning and a bright spot, Dr. Sabine Ebersberger and Dr. med. Michael developed the small do-it-your-self card set INNEN-LEBEN. This is a tool with which you can generate your own strengthening sentences that can be helpful not only in times of the pandemic.

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Compendium against loneliness in the corona pandemic

The service point of the state network “Contact points for the elderly in Rhineland-Palatinate” has published a “log book”. It contains various essays and positions on the situation and impact of older people and, above all, many positive examples and tried and tested activities that have been launched in Rhineland-Palatinate since spring 2020. These valuable experiences should not fizzle out or be forgotten after the pandemic. The logbook has recorded them and offers further suggestions.

Generational dialogue by letter

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Do you know the feeling of feeling a connection to someone you have never met before? Sophia and Mara are just experiencing this. You are involved in the Jugendcaritas Arnsberg and maintain pen pals with two women who are around 70 years older and whom you have not yet met. A short video shows how they came up with it and what could be imitated with it.

Ethical impulses on the situation in nursing homes

The situation in the nursing homes in the spring weighed on or outraged many. Contact options were in competition with health protection. Diakonie Hessen has collected exemplary experiences and positions from different perspectives, which show the ethical dilemma in which those responsible for care find themselves. The brochure is intended as food for thought. Definitely worth reading!

Handout for working with the elderly has been published

The Elderly in the North Church has published a very informative handout for work in parishes with elderly and old people in the course of the corona pandemic. You will find a lot of helpful tips and information on how church work can work well under Corona conditions. Definitely worth reading!

Strengthen mental health in care facilities

Contact with family members in geriatric care facilities is only possible under difficult conditions. And interpersonal encounters are of great importance, not only in times of the corona pandemic. The project "Life in Balance" of the State Association for Health and Academy for Social Medicine Lower Saxony has put together tips and information that help to strengthen mental health.

The Federal Working Group of Senior Citizens' Organizations (BAGSO) deals in its podcasts with topics that are particularly pressing for older people in times of the corona pandemic. Since April of this year, the BAGSO Podcast has been providing understandable information, giving tips and reporting on good and encouraging examples that help older people get through this time well.

The Evangelical Working Group for Elderly Work in the EKD (EAfA) is continuously posting new information on the topic of age and Corona on its homepage. It's always worth stopping by.

Tips, links and information from the EKD

From the practice for the practice

Our neighbors in the north church have also collected ideas on how we can be there for one another in times of Corona.

Ideas from the North Church ...

Help and help in times of Corona

Since the beginning of March, many local and national aid networks have emerged across Germany. Often it is functioning neighborhoods or church initiatives that bring people who need support together with those who offer their help. If you would like to offer your help or if you or one of your relatives need help, you can always contact local diaconal institutions, your parish or your church district. The Diakonisches Werk Hannover arranges helpers and those seeking help in the Hanover area.

The link to the Diakonisches Werk Hannover

We discovered a really great project at Dementia Aid Hamburg. Live music for senior citizens by phone - in this case by musicians from the Elbphilharmonie. We think, however, that this idea can certainly also be transferred to the parish context. If you try it out, we would be very excited to hear about your experience.

Conference calls with elders

Since older people have to protect themselves against the corona virus to a particular degree, they should stay at home. So that an exchange can take place even under these conditions, all that remains is the telephone, because many older people are unfamiliar with computers and smartphones. We discovered an interesting format at the meeting point 50 plus at the Bad Boll Academy.

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Older people have been through many times of crisis in their lives. Your memories of what has helped you through such times are precious. The parishes of the FriedO region in southern Lower Saxony have written to parishioners aged 70 and over and encouraged them to write down crisis memories. A small booklet was created from this. This makes it clear that senior citizens are not only in need of protection, but can also share valuable experiences.

Letters to elders in the ward

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Relationship, solidarity and contact are important for all people not only now in times of the Corona crisis. Digital networking is currently booming. But the elderly are often not at all or not very practiced with this medium. That is why contact by letter and telephone is important. Our suggestion: Write letters at regular intervals, encourage others to write them.

Evening stroll. Photo: Susanne Ruge / HkD

A virus is currently changing people's lives, rhythms and relationships. In Corona times, people are more thrown back on themselves and are forced to live in exile within. It is the same for people of all generations - but it is particularly true of the elderly.

Ideas for good support in the corona crisis

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In the current situation, how can we support people on the phone to rediscover their own inner strengths or to re-fantasize so that the soul can discover anchor points for hope? How can we strengthen confidence in our own self-efficacy and resilience?

In the current situation, in which most of us have to stay at home, many lack contact with one another and with our own parish. The jointly celebrated services are currently not possible. Instead, we offer templates for domestic passion devotions here. Take a look inside and feel connected to the others who are also praying these devotions for themselves or in small groups.