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Series and films for Easter: Tips from the Amazon Prime Video team

Looking for Easter eggs with extended relatives, Easter braids at brunch with friends, Easter bonfires with the neighborhood - we look forward to that again next year, because in 2020 Easter will still take place in a state of emergency. In return, there is probably room for new potential favorite films and series in the holiday program. Amazon's film and series experts have revealed their favorites to us - from animated films for the whole family to gripping series for a binge marathon to Bollywood classics, there is something for everyone.

Jessica Heymann (Development Coordinator, Prime Video TV): My top 3 Amazon Originals - with oomph and wit

BEAT: Techno and thriller - this combination works surprisingly well for the series set in Berlin. Above all, the fast-paced scenes in clubs and a top-class cast with Jannis Niewöhner, Kostja Ullman and Alexander Fehling convinced me. Particularly suitable for all passionate club-goers who want to see a club from the inside again (even if it is on the home screen).

Carnival Row: A fantasy series with crime elements and a love story between Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne on top! It is precisely this mix of genres and the gloomy, visually stunning setting in the Victorian era that make the series so special.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: A Jewish New York housewife who started a career as a stand-up comedian in the 1950s. The multi-award winning comedy series is funny and smart. You just have to like the leading actress Rachel Brosnahan - my absolute recommendation and a must-see!

Gerrit Roth (Head of Film Acquisition DE, Prime Video Movies): My Top 3 Films - From Realistic to Totally Spaced Out!

Lady Bird (still included in Prime until June 21): This coming-of-age film is one of my favorite films from 2018. A compassionate story, straight from life. Absolutely worth seeing!

Arrival: Arrival is THE SciFi film of the year 2016 and has just started with us. I just can't leave it unmentioned. Interestingly, the film also takes into account the "science" in science fiction, for example when communicating with the aliens (here in 4k).

Danger Close - The Battle of Long Tan: Danger Close is an impressive war film with an international background. The production from Australia takes place in Vietnam and dares to trace the humanities in chains of command. Realistic, exciting and full of emotions.

Andreas Hartmann (Senior Content Acquisition Manager, Prime Video TV): My top 3 series - also good in society

Shameless: My current highlight. The Gallaghers are a freaky family clan. Just when you think it won't get any crazier, go for it - put TV on, let your thoughts off and just enjoy.

Inside Borussia Dortmund: Exactly the right thing for the (unfortunately) football-free time. With the series, you can relive the most exciting Bundesliga title fight of recent years at first hand - and fully understand the suffering of the Dortmund fans.

Homeland: In my opinion one of the most exciting thriller series. The combination of the multi-layered main actress, her development and the constantly changing story are a unique selling point for me - perfect for digital co-viewing with friends in other living rooms.

Mehak Chadha-Hold (Senior Marketing Manager, TV on Demand): My top 3 purchase / rental items - not for bores

Jumanji: The Next Level: Still very hot and fresh from the cinema to Amazon. The sequel with the incredibly charming cast, consisting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart, exceeds expectations. Lively action fun with crazy scenes.

Birds of Prey: The Home Cinema Premiere - Prime Video brings Harley Quinn's latest cinema adventure straight to your home. The main character from "Suicide Squad", who really impressed many fans, is now getting her (almost) own film. The blockbuster keeps what it promises: strong images and cool action scenes.

Ram Leela: As I am from India and love Bollywood films, I would also like to recommend this adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.
Dramatic, romantic, colorful! For everyone who wants to immerse themselves in another world at Easter.

Jonathan Schoeller (Senior Content Acquisition Manager, Prime Video TV): My top 3 “unknown pearls” - classics and exotic ones

Burning: It wasn't just since Parasite that movie buffs have known that Korea has a lot to offer when it comes to film. Burning is one such example: a cleverly constructed film that plays with the audience's expectations and maintains the arc of suspense until the very end.

Lodge 49: Lodge 49 is perhaps exactly the series that we need during this crazy time: The life of the charismatic loser "Dud" has gone completely apart after the death of his father. He is chronically broke, practically homeless and drinks too much - but this does not detract from his positive attitude towards life. A sympathetic anti-series that does without explosions, excessive violence or zombies.

Above the Roofs of Nice: Above the Roofs of Nice is one of the finest films by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly grandiose. A real classic and a film that I can watch over and over again.

And last but not least, the recommendations of the entire team: The top 3 series and films for kids - it's going to be magical

The Guardians of Light: A film with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? You can get it - from "The Guardians of Light". A wonderful and funny story for the whole family.

Harry Potter: The films are long-running hits for young and old. It is also suitable for a whole film marathon over several days if the weather is not good.

Shaun the Sheep: The series impresses with clever humor that not only inspires children - so it is not surprising that the series has been around since 2007. Almost without words, it is about friendship, justice and the irony of life.