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Once around the world - Andrea on tour

Travel time: February - July 2008 | by Andrea S.

Australia: Couchsurfing in Sydney

Alsoooo, now i'm only 2 nights and 1 day in australia and i'm sad again that i have to fly. The country is just a dream and i can only say that with the 2 weeks i maybe just touched it. It's sooooooo big! I mean, really big! You know that it is big, but you only get an idea of ​​it when you are here. And it has so many different faces.
I didn't see the red center and wasn't in the outback either, I didn't go to the tropical part with queensland and and and ... yesterday I chatted with an Australian. She told me that she and her husband drove a camper through Australia for 3 months and still hasn't seen everything ... well, another reason to come back and I really want that.

Sydney - Sydney is just a dream. Exactly my city. Melbourne was also very beautiful, but as a water lover, I think Sydney is simply awesome. As you can see on the first photo, the city with approx. 4 million inhabitants is huge in area and quite divided by the sea. That's what makes Sydney so attractive, I think. You have always booked, beaches and great views. In addition, every district is somehow different. And you could shop here. Madness!!! I say extra, could, because luckily I don't have any space in my backpack and I'm already towing myself away. But there are really cool things here. So many nice boutiques with totally cool things. Most of the people here are super dressed anyway, depending on the district in their outfit. In general there are very pretty people here. In addition, there is the pleasant weather. Sydney is in the subtropical part of Australia with pleasant summers and cooler autumns, the winter is partly cool, but supposedly always has nice days when you can be outside, well and then it will be spring again anyway. Schooooeeeen!
And that the people here do not lie on the beach in bikini and bathing trunks, but with t-shirts, is just a rumor. However, sunscreen can only be found here with a sun protection factor of 30 upwards. And in many corners there are so-called skin cancer centers ...

Since I am now in Sydney or the nearby Blue Mountains for a week, I have bought a travel pass for a week and can use the bus, train and ferry without restrictions.

Approach to Sydney

My sydney tour started quite funny because i drove to the wrong airport in melbourne. Since we had booked a cheap airline, this was the only airline that does not fly away from the main airport, but to another small airport at the other end about 70km outside of Melbourne. Even though I was at the airport very early, I had to rebook my flight. Luckily it wasn't a problem. It was said to take the shuttle bus back to Melbourne, wait 3 hours and take the other shuttle bus back to the airport. So i was only in sydney in the late afternoon. Somehow that wasn't supposed to be ...

Then it went to my couchsurfing host. If you don't know couchsurfing, that's a community on the net, which I believe now has over 400,000 members all over the world. The principle is mutual. This means that you make your couch available to travelers (of course only if you want and you like the profile) and can ask for an overnight stay if you are traveling yourself. I registered there before my trip, but haven't tried it yet ...
Caro, the french girl has already done it a few times and organized a place for both of us with a really nice, funny french guy. He is a 51 year old photographer and has been in australia for 24 years. He was really nice and it was a fun experience. All in all, I was now 4 nights with him. It's really funny. For the last two nights I have taken a hostel. Meanwhile there were 4 other couchsurfers with him and it got very tight. Now I'm in yha central, really a luxury hostel here. On the 9th floor there is a small pool and a sauna as well as a terrace. Very nice .

View from the terrace in the hostel - just done earlier

On Easter Monday we went to Manly with our host. It's a kind of peninsula with pretty ingenious houses, two beaches, one facing the open sea and a very popular surfing beach. There are already houses - madness. From there we did a scenic walk, again towards the city center, which was very varied.


on our scenic walk, the colors are so brilliant

we met him too

from the ferry - the famous Harbor Bridge

again a few skyscrapers in the city

On the second day i was in newton. This is a super nice part of town, where there are a lot of second hand shops, nice little bars and a lot of funky fashion to buy. rather student, as there is also a large university in this part of the city. Allegedly there are more lesbians at home here. In contrast to paddington, the super clean, tidy part of the city, with nice, pretty houses and many boutiques, which supposedly are home to more well-off gays. I found it funny

store in newton

the biggest second hand book business I have ever seen - absolutely awesome

Newtown - pretty in pink

from the botanical garden

paddys market next to chinatown. there are all kinds of (chinese) ramsch to buy ... unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't dance anymore, I could have stocked up

well, the world famous Sydney Opera House. It's quite an experience when you suddenly really drive past it

this is also how massages are carried out here

weekend market in paddington, a lot of fashion and jewelry, I think a lot designed by myself, very cool. And next to it the old women sat and laid out tarot cards and read them by hand ...

i was there today: the rock's market in the oldest part of sydney. It was super nice, with lots of handcraft from Australia

entrance sign at the botanical garden; note: please walk on the grass ... hug trees ....
had to read that twice, at first thought I had read it wrong

What's the matter?:
Now the time will come soon and I can finally fulfill my dream and for a few months only travel a small, but I believe very beautiful part of the world. On February 18th I start with my first stop in Japan, then continue to New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, USA, a longer time in the Bahamas and finally home again! ..and all alone! Afraid of your own courage? ... a little, but I have faith :-) Big wide world I'm coming ...
Duration:5 months
Destinations: Japan
New Zealand
12 apostles
United States