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If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, upday is already preinstalled *. So you always have quick access to the latest news and news on your favorite topics. Just swipe right on the start screen and upday will open up. If you have a Galaxy S8 or S8 +, you will find upday as a widget in your Bixby assistant. Even if upday is not yet installed on your Galaxy, that's no problem: Simply download upday for free from the Google Play or Galaxy Apps Store!

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* on the Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 and many S6, A5 & A3 devices

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Our editorial team puts together the top news of the day for you around the clock. So you don't miss any important event and you are always up to date. The editors briefly summarize the news for you. If you want more background information on what's going on, just click on the Top News article card and read the original article.

  • Rene26th September 2017

    Well done for the daily newspaper show before going to work, properly adjusted and personalized for what you want to see.

  • RuedApril 16, 2016

    I am totally enthusiastic about the app, always up to date.
    The design is also successful, keep it up.

  • Tinyon Galaxy app

    Very clear. I like it.

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    The algorithms in upday search hundreds of news sites and blogs in real time and put together My News article cards based on your interests. That makes upday the perfect place for your own personal news update! You can set your interests in the menu and change them at any time. In addition, upday shows you similar or related - and sometimes completely new - content. So you get an overview of what is moving the world and the web!

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    Always stay up to date. As soon as an important event occurs, we will inform you via push message.

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    Our editors summarize the most important news for you. This gives you a quick and easy overview.

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    You don't want to see articles from a certain source in your My News stream? No problem, just hide them.

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