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When Daniel Haaksman digs deep into the archives, the result is a mix that has never been heard before. This time he dealt with Kanye West's debut album, "The College Dropout," in a two-part Sonic essay. And no matter what you think of Mr. West today, the album is a stroke of genius.

By Natalie Brunner

Sonic Essay is a series designed by Daniel Haaksman, in which he plays important and formative albums for you in a way that you have never heard before: dissected, quoted and analyzed in the mix.

Daniel dug deep into the archives and interwoven B-sides, remixes, edits, interviews and of course the most succinct tracks in a mix that traces the history of origin, sociocultural circumstances, musical context and the history of ideas of the sound. Here is the first part of a two hour Sonic essay about Kanye West's debut album “The College Dropout”, released in 2004.

No matter how you feel about Mr. West 2018, "The College Dropout" is a stroke of genius, a classic, to which two parts, i.e. 120 minutes of Sonic Essay, are dedicated:

Def Jam (Roc-a-Fella Records)

Kanye West's debut album "The College Dropout" was released in 2004.

So let's forget everything we think we know about the person Kanye West. Let's put that he annoys me scolding briefly, because actually he doesn’t annoy us, but media that constantly report on completely unimportant deeds and tweets of a person who is not doing well in order to capitalize on them.
If we have this ground zero in our head for Kanye West, then we are ready for this double episode of the Sonic essay on Kanye West's debut album "The College Dropout", which was released in February 2004 after large parts of the album were already released as Bootlegs were in circulation. Kanye West had worked on the album for five years and there have been countless versions and revisions. At the time, Kanye West was house producer at Roc-a-Fella Records, Jay-Z's label, and after several chart successes that he had created for other artists, demonstrated his talent as producer on the Mike.

In keeping with the name, the album's content and artwork are about the bad experiences Kanye had with the education system in general and with Chicago State University in particular. The artwork is based on a high school yearbook; each of the contributors is depicted like a student. Kanye West lists himself as "Best Dressed" and "Most Unlikely to Succeed".

Many of The College Dropout's beats are built around high-pitched soul samples that Kanye combined with live instruments. This debut album marks Kanye West's commercial breakthrough and, for many, is his masterpiece, showing him in a size that was later unattainable.

Tracklist Kanye West "College Dropout" Sonic Essay 2018

1.Skit # 1 Kanye West Grammy Award 2005
2.Jimmy Castor Bunch "I Just Wanna Stop"
3.Kanye West “We Don't Care”
4.Jimmy Castor Bunch "I Just Wanna Stop"
5.Skit # 2 Kanye West “The Art School Dropout”, Interview with Sway
6.Kanye West "Graduation Day" (Edit)
7.Markilo Allen “Not Like Jesus”
8.Skit # 3 Kanye West In The Streets Interview
9.Lauryn Hill "Mystery Of Iniquity"
10.John Legend "All Falls Down"
11.Kanye West "All Falls Down"
12.Marvin Gaye "Distant Lover"
13.Kanye West “Spaceship” ft. GLC + Consequence
14.Kanye West “Spaceship Live From House Of Blues” ft. Kanye West, John Legend, GLC
15.The Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir “Walk With Me” / “Little Drummer Boy”
16.Kanye West "Jesus Walks"
17.Skit # 4 Jesus Walks Rap Critic Reviews
18.Blackjack "Maybe It's The Power Of Love"
19.Kanye West "Never Let Me Down" ft. Jay-Z & J.Ivy
20.J Ivy “Never Let Me Down” (Acappella) on HBO Def Poetry
21.Kanye West "Never Let Me Down" (Cinematic)
22.Skit # 5 In The Streets Exclusive Kanye West Interview
23.Kanye West “Get Em High” ft. Talib Kweli + Common
24.Kanye West "The New Workout Plan" (Extended)
25.Chaka Khan "Through The Fire"
26.Skit # 6 Kanye West Interview Rap City 2004
27.Kanye West “Through The Wire” (Remix)
28.Luther Vandross "A House Is Not A Home"
29.Twista ft. Kanye West + Jamie Foxx “Slow Jamz”
30.Kanye West "Slow Jamz"
31.Jackie Moore "Precious, Precious"
32.Kanye West “Breathe In, Breathe Out” Instrumental
33.Skit # 7 Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek Talk Early Years Of Kanye West Career
34.Aretha Franklin "Spirit In The Dark"
35.Kanye West "School Spirit"
36.Kanye West "Good Life" ft. T-Pain
37.Kanye West “School Spirit” Skit 1
38.Kanye West "School Spirit"
39.Kanye West “School Spirit” Skit 2
40.Kanye West "Two Words" (Cinematic)
41.Skit # 8 Kanye West Interview MTV
42.Kanye West “Two Words” ft. Mos Def, Freeway C + The Boys Choir Of Harlem
43.Kanye West "Two Words" (Cinematic)
44.Skit # 9 Kanye West Interview MTV
45.Traditional Folk "Rain Rain, Go Away"
46.The Dells "Fonky Thang, Diamon Rang"
47.Kanye West "Family Business"
48.Chance The Rapper "Family Matters"
49.Kanye West "Family Business" (Instrumental)
50.Chance The Rapper "Family Matters"
51.Skit # 11 Kanye West Interview MTV
52.Bette Middler "Mr.Rockefeller"
53.Kanye West "Last Call"
54.Skit # 12 Kanye West Interview MTV
55.Kanye West "Last Call"
56.Young Piano "College Dropout Medley"