Was the Addams family human?

Not only the Goths love them: "The Addams Family"

They are more morbid than any funeral home, more eccentric than Michael Jackson, and they are considered the secret stars of the Gothic scene. But inconspicuous citizens also shudder with glee when they visit their families in the cinema. For their new appearance, the Addams were computer-animated from the ground up.

Earlier, in the 1960s, they came to our living room via television: The series “The Addams Family” was just as far ahead of its time as the crew of the TV series “Star Trek”, also known as “Spaceship Enterprise” Helvetians and Germans became known. While Switzerland was still discussing women's suffrage for a long time, the Addams were already enjoying equality.

The corpse-pale Morticia - the name speaks volumes - interprets the role of mother according to her taste. Neither washing up, knitting, nor smearing sandwiches are part of it. Gomez, the male head of the family, is still loyal to his wife. The brood of the two - Wednesday and Pugsley - does not exactly correspond to the ideas of a day nursery. The close family circle also includes Uncle Fester and Grandma, the mother of Gomez and Fester, as well as two subservient spirits, the giant butler Lurch and the "ice-cold hand", which in the English original is simply called Thing.

Absurdly teased

In the animated version, those displaced from their homeland end up in the state of New Jersey. By chance they find an empty madhouse that offers itself as a refuge and family castle. Years of happiness in disaster pass before the property of an interior designer gets in the way on expansion course. Margaux Needler, an absurdly teased blonde, raises the mood against the troublemakers and uses the same means as Donald Trump - she puts one fake news after the other into the social media world. Although she does not have to face impeachment, her fate in the end does not come as a particular surprise.

The digital look suits the Addams, especially the vampire-like Morticia, spoken by Charlize Theron. Right at the beginning, a close-up enchantingly demonstrates what animation can do: A touch of tinsel and dark shadows are placed on the eyelids and cheekbones, and the make-up work of art is ready. Nevertheless, even computer freaks have to admit: Neither the 2-D nor the 3-D version comes close to the erotically charged real film versions (1991 and 1993) with Anjelica Huston as the matriarch.

Lurch's lecture

Still, the animated film by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon has its visually compelling moments. On Wednesdays, for example, braids are braided into short gallows, and when she tries to shock her mother, she succeeds by returning home from school «pretty in pink». Nothing can shock the Addams but normalcy. Lurch's vocal performance of “Everybody Hurts” also left a lasting impression. He, who usually roars with a grave voice: "You have rung the bell?", Sings unexpectedly like an angel.

The creator of the black-humored clan, the US cartoonist Charles Addams (1912–1988), drew half a century for the magazine "The New Yorker", where his creatures made their first appearance in 1938. During the depression years, the classic horror and monster films by Universal Pictures were at their zenith, especially “Frankenstein” and “The Mummy”, “The Wolf Man” should soon follow.

The Addams' butler obviously and unabashedly goes back to Professor Frankenstein's monster (Boris Karloff). Monsters were both role models and later competitors of the Addams Family: "The Munsters" also went into series production, and it should only be a matter of time before they shy away from the light of day again. In the dark of the cinema, on the other hand, you will feel comfortable.