How's first class airline food

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines, based in the Belgian capital, has been flying to various destinations in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa since it was founded in 2007. In order to give you a pleasant culinary time on board, the airline has developed a varied menu that varies depending on the tariff booked and the duration of the flight.


Economy Class on-board catering

In Economy Class, a distinction is made between "Check & Go", "Light & Relax" and "Flex & Fast" tariffs. If you have booked the "Check & Go" or "Light & Relax" tariffs, you have to pay for the meals yourself on intra-European flights. With a flight time of up to two hours, you can purchase various sandwiches, wraps and salads. If the flight is longer, hot meals are also available. In the "Flex & Fast" tariff, on the other hand, food and drinks are already included in the travel price. On long-haul flights, regardless of the fare booked, you will be pampered with free drinks and a selection of warm dishes including salad, dessert and cheese.


Business Class on-board catering

As a "Bizz & Class" passenger, you always benefit from free meals. You can reserve the menu of your choice online up to 48 hours before departure, with a choice of hot or cold dishes depending on the duration of the flight. You will also receive a welcome drink and Belgian chocolates. On long-haul flights, you can choose from various menus from Belgian star chefs as well as first-class cheese and dessert creations.


On-board catering for children and the nutrition-conscious

For your accompanying children between the ages of two and eleven you can order a special children's menu in the "Flex & Fast" and "Bizz & Class" tariffs; If you are dependent on certain dietary requirements for health or religious reasons, you can reserve one of our special menus on all long-haul flights and in Business Class on flights within Europe. The selection ranges from gluten-free dishes and vegan menus to kosher or Muslim dishes.