Are you going to hell to masturbate?

Will Allah accept my prayers during the fasting days to make up for masturbation?

As Salaam Alaykum ... Several times in the Koran the story of the Prophet Adam (as) is mentioned. Do you remember? Here our enemy promises to divert us from the path of Allah (swt). Between the seven performances of the story, it is clear that shaytan's plan is to get in the way of our sincerity in every possible way.

As a young man indeed you are our hope - it is up to you and your generation to faithfully continue what has been in existence for more than 1,400 years ..... things made as accurately as possible like our beloved Prophet ( saws)) did for the pleasure of ALLAH (swt).

With all of this, my dear, it seems that you are a little distracted. Ramadan is a time of work. It is a time of giving. It is a time of dhikr. What does that mean for a teenager like you? You should find ways to improve your life and the life of the Ummat for the pleasure of ALLAH (swt).

Every precious moment you receive should be used to devote your energies to the cause.

  1. Read. Read Seerah of the Nabi. See how these noble men (as) lived and try to become more like them.

  2. Help your little brother / sister learn to read.

  3. Clean up your yard and start a food garden.

4. Make every prayer on time at the masjid. Make your sunnah. Try reading a porridge from the Qur'an after you have prayed.

5. Ask your parents if there is anything they need to do around the house. Do the best you can with an open heart.

  1. Offer (volunteer) to work at the Masjid. You'd be surprised how many things Iftar has to do every night.

  2. Develop your salad. Research. What are the different types of Fard, Sunnah, and Nawafil prayers?

One purpose of Ramadan is to develop good habits that you will maintain and maintain after Ramadan. Develop habits that would make your RABB proud of you. And do them daily.

Soon you will grow up and have a wife. But for now, you really need to understand that you have a responsibility in the ummat. If you are distracted by the enemy, you cannot work for the pleasure of ALLAH (swt). HE wants you to be happy and HE understands your nature better than anyone else - HE made us. :) :)

Until the third half of Ramadan, you can spend the time between Isha and Suhoor / Fajr as you wish. BUT ...... you could do Taraweh prayer in the Masjid and Tahajjud and Shafi Witr after getting some sleep.

You need to know that you are loved. You also need to know that a grateful person is grateful and shows appreciation with good works. These are the only things you can take with you to the grave.