Should I learn Javascript after learning Django

JavaScript or Python: The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​to Get Started with (2020)

To find out which programming language you should learn first or next, the popular surveys, which are carried out annually among developers and companies around the world, help. Because most of the time a huge chaos arises in the head in view of the multitude of possible programming languages ​​and their areas of application.

Polls can help to get a better overview. For newbies, it has often quickly become apparent in recent years that the decision is made between JavaScript and Python. Both programming languages ​​are among the most popular languages ​​and, along with Java and C #, are particularly popular with companies.

But what makes the two languages ​​so attractive for developers and companies - and should you now choose JavaScript or Python?

What can JavaScript do?

The scripting language JavaScript is the web language par excellence and, along with HTML and CSS, is one of the three standard technologies on the web. The language is executed by the browser and can be inserted directly into an HTML document. It is primarily used to display dynamic content such as live ticker, maps or animations on websites.

If you are interested in web development, you cannot avoid JavaScript, because it is essential to build modern websites and web apps with dynamic content. With the JavaScript-based runtime environment Node.js, JavaScript is now also used for the backend.

But the area of ​​application is now much wider than that. Thanks to technologies such as Node.js or MongoDB, it is now possible to use JavaScript on the server side.

What can Python do?

Python was published in 1991 and is a general-purpose language. That is, it is designed to solve every conceivable problem that can be manipulated in code. It has been very popular in the academic environment, but also beyond, for years, because the fast programming language is considered to be simply structured and easy to learn.

In recent years, Python has made a name for itself in the areas of automation and data processing. This is why Python is one of the most popular languages ​​in data science.

But a lot has happened in web development as well. With the help of the Django or Flask web frameworks, Python can now also be used to create modern web applications. Nevertheless, for the design of the frontend you still need HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or a frontend framework like Vue or React.

JavaScript or Python? Which language is more beginner-friendly?

Because web development is one of the most popular entry-level areas for programmers, JavaScript is often learned as the first programming language. If you are confident about your future in web development too, tackling JavaScript first may be the right decision.

However, JavaScript has some properties that make it a little more difficult to learn than Python, for example.


Python is known to be an easy programming language to learn. The development of the language was based on 19 self-imposed principles, often called “Zen of Python”. These include guidelines such as “Simple is better than complex” or “Readability counts”, and all of them aim to make things easier for coders. The syntax, ie the “sentence structure”, is simple and based on the English language. It is often said that even people without any programming knowledge can understand what is going on with code written in Python, at least with simpler programs.

Of course, this makes Python a language that is absolutely suitable for beginners. Because instead of having to deal with a complicated sentence structure and umpteen peculiarities, beginners with Python can concentrate fully on solving coding problems and getting behind the logic of programming after a short time.


As I said, if you already know that you want to go into web development, then JavaScript is the way to go. But you should be aware that it is a somewhat diva-like language that does not always make it easy for beginners. Semicolons, curly brackets, ... JavaScript treats itself to some extras that do not always make learning easy for beginners.

If you do not find your way around JavaScript well and search the net for why JavaScript is the more difficult language to learn, you will find many comments that this is not true, that JavaScript is very easy to learn, etc. Don't let that discourage you . Those who write this are mostly experienced developers who already have more than one or two programming languages ​​under their belt. Naturally, it is easier for professionals to learn a new language.

In addition, both JavaScript and Python are programming languages ​​around which a fairly large, active, and passionate fan base has grown. And fans are known to be not very objective about the object of their enthusiasm.

Web development

As I said, as a frontend developer you have to know JavaScript inside out. There is simply no way around it. Python for the front end also works somehow, but this will not be asked too often in the job, and if it is, solid JavaScript skills will certainly still be required.

The most important languages ​​for web development in the backend are still Java and PHP, but Python is also being used more and more in the backend.

Software development

Not everyone wants to get into web development. If you want to work as a software programmer, you can do quite well without JavaScript. Python, on the other hand, with its qualities in automation and its orientation as a general-purpose language, is an important programming language for software development, alongside numerous others such as Java, C, C ++ and others.

Data science

In the relatively young professional field of data processing, including data analysis and data visualization, JavaScript does not play a role. Python, on the other hand, is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the industry with R.

Entry and salaries

Programming skills are always a pleasure, and both Python and JavaScript provide a good starting point for finding a job. There are enough developer jobs due to the shortage of skilled workers. But you can also score points in other industries with coding skills. I was asked benevolently about my skills in Python and in web development during job interviews, even though I had applied for content jobs. It certainly helped that JavaScript and Python are so well known that everyone has heard of them before.

In terms of salary, Python is slightly ahead of the 44,000 for JavaScript developers with an average of 48,000 euros for JavaScript developers.

Find your own favorite language

JavaScript and Python are a bit like contact lenses. If you get on with hard contact lenses, you are all the more pleased about the relief when you switch to soft contact lenses. Anyone who started out with soft contact lenses will find it difficult to do without this comfort forever.

It is very similar with the two programming languages: If you have bitten your way through JavaScript for a while while learning to program (and have not thrown in the towel), tears of joy will rise to your eyes - in my humble experience - with the first functions with Python. Once you've made your first programming attempts with Python, you'll never quite see why you should mess with a bitchy programming language like JavaScript.

But it's not a lifelong alternative that you have to choose, just for getting started with programming. The first language is always the hardest anyway because you have to grasp all the concepts of programming. You always have to go through it, regardless of whether you learn JavaScript or Python first. Learning more languages ​​is always faster because you can build on the existing knowledge. You don't have to do everything right from the start, either.

Sometimes it is also the case that for some inexplicable reason you feel particularly drawn to a programming language. So it was with me with Python. Because I wanted to get into web development, I resisted my intuition and started with JavaScript. Then it just didn't pick me up at all and I struggled with the whole thing for months because I felt I didn't understand anything. At some point the penny dropped and I devoted myself body and soul to a python course that I really enjoyed. And I finally got the concepts! When I went back to JavaScript later, it was like meeting an old friend. I was able to classify many principles and rules in JavaScript much better and made much better progress.

So you see, there is no such thing as ONE language for beginners in programming. Many different factors and preferences play a role. If you find yourself responding positively to a language, listen to your gut instinct. If you struggle through learning JavaScript or Python, you will always feel that coding is not right for you. And that would be a shame.