How the ancient Greeks worshiped Hades

Greek gods

  • Zeus / Jupiter: Zeus, the father of the gods, was the most important and at the same time the most powerful of all Greek gods. It had an impact on lightning, thunder and thunderstorms. He had many siblings such as Poseidon, Hera, Hades and Demeter). Poseidon was responsible for the sea and Hades for the underworld. So everyone had their own area.

  • Hera / Juno: She was sister and at the same time the wife of Zeus. It was not easy for her with her husband Zeus, because he used to cheat on her. We don't know whether it was a happy marriage.

  • Poseidon / Neptune: Brother of Zeus and the sea falls under his jurisdiction. His wife was Amphitrite. Like his brother Zeus, he was the father of many children.

  • Hades / Pluto: Also a brother of Zeus and god of the underworld. Those who ended up with him had few opportunities to get back to life.

  • Aphrodite / Venus: Wife of Hephaestus and the goddess of love and beauty. She enjoyed a special veneration in Cyprus and other Greek islands. Like men, women were granted lovers, and as the goddess of love, it was almost a must.

  • Ares / Mars: Second son of Zeus with his wife Hera and at the same time the lover of Aphrodite. He was the important god of war for the Greeks.

  • Apollo / Apollo: Appollon was the god of arts, music and archery.

  • Heracles / Hercules: Wasn't originally a god, but a very famous Greek hero. He had to pass 13 exams and was then accepted into the world of the gods.

  • Artemis / Diana: Twin sister of Apollo and the goddess of the hunt. She protected the animals and the children. She was also a daughter (illegitimate) of the god father Zeus.

  • Hermes / Mercury: Messenger of the gods of Olympus and a son of Zeus (from a love affair with the nymph Maia). Protector of travelers, thieves and merchants.

  • Helios: God of the sun and light.

  • Athena / Minerva: She was a daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom and of war and peace (protective goddess of war).

  • Asklepios / Aesculapius: God of healing. Asklepio's daughter Hygieia embodied health.

  • Demeter / Ceres: Goddess of fertility and growth. Sister of Zeus.

  • Dionysus / Bacchus: God of wine and, accordingly, often drunk.

  • Hephaestus / Vulcanus: Child of Hera and Zeus and god of fire, blacksmithing and handicrafts.