Should basketball shoes be tight or loose

Basketball shoes: test & recommendations (05/21)

What are the benefits of basketball shoes?

The different types of basketball shoes are divided into three sub-categories. Each of them differs in various ways in terms of design or special features.

And each of these features guarantees the player both protection and stability and is the basic equipment of a real basketball shoe.

Why a basketball shoe?

  • Ideal height
  • Pronounced cushioning
  • Best comfort

If you only wear a normal indoor shoe for ball sports, you not only risk an unnecessary decrease in performance, but also an injury. To avoid this, you need to find out which basketball shoe or rather which fit is best for you.

Can you play basketball with normal trainers?

It depends on how you want to play basketball. Two factors play an important role:

If you play in one environment several times a week, read the article about the different types of shoes and buy the right sneaker for your plays.
If you only play once a week and that's just for fun, a regular sneaker will do just fine.

You should wear basketball shoes especially if the sport means so much to you that you want to be equipped like an NBA pro. We recommend other professional basketball products such as the right basketball. The decision is therefore up to you and your requirements.

Which sneaker models are there?

The most important criterion is the fit of the shoe. All models are made because of different requirements that are placed on the players. The division is based on three main height categories:

The high cut shoes are the older model that has shaped future sneakers with its pronounced ankle protection. It protects the foot optimally, but makes it difficult for the wearer to act quickly, as more obstructive material has to be moved through the protection. This shoe suits the center position best.

  • Optimal protection
  • Ideal stability
  • Inhibition by heavy material
  • Especially suitable for centers

Mid-cut sneakers are medium-high and are the mix between a high-cut and a low-cut shoe. It should give the player both protection and agility.
With this shoe it is not possible to share it with a player position. You alone decide whether it fits and whether it is the right sneaker for you.

Low cut models are the latest and most sought-after among sports shoes. They use less material, incorporate the latest technologies in design and other features and are particularly suitable for the fast and small players.

For heavy and tall players, on the other hand, the light models are nothing, as their heel protection does not provide sufficient cushioning for the joints and thus the risk of injury is increased.

  • Light material
  • Enable agility
  • Integrated latest technologies
  • For small players only
  • Too little protection

In the end, you still decide which shoe you like best and which also fits you. However, you have to pay attention to a few things when it comes to wearing comfort!

Michael - MrMike's basketball expert
“The selection of basketball shoes is enormous, loads of different manufacturers with loads of different models. You have to find the right shoe for yourself. It is important to know what kind of player you are yourself. "

How should the shoe fit?

Now that you've found the perfect cut for you, it's important to choose the right size.
Before you can do that, you need to know that every shoe needs to leave at least 5mm of space for your toes!

Otherwise, if you stop abruptly, the big toe will hit the front of the shoe, causing the material and the foot to suffer severe damage due to overloading after a short time.

The basketball shoe must not be too tight or too big! Many shoes are narrower and smaller, which can also affect the choice of size.

Did you know that the NBA logo shows the shadow of a specific person?

That person is Jerry West, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA from 1960 to 1974. After his playing career, he also worked as a coach.

What shoe sizes are there?

The basketball equipment for the feet is available in all variations
  • for girls
  • for guys
  • for children
  • for men
  • for ladies

Therefore, the sizes vary a lot in order to be able to offer shoes for wide and narrow feet. Apart from decorative baby models, most models on sale start at shoe size 35.5 and go up to 47.5. All sizes above or below must either be custom made or ordered online.

What pricing models are there?

The basketball shoes are available in various price ranges. The retail price of the sneaker is decided depending on the brand and the material.