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The Culling: Origins - The director talks about the microtransaction system

The Culling: Origins has recently been available Xbox One and will then be redistributed Pcand has already been overwhelmed by a number of controversies related to its monetization systemPay to play. To respond to this controversy, the director of the Xaviant title - Josh Van Veld - came to the fore during an interview with PC Gamer.

According to him, the team was first Preoccupato the possible overcrowding of the servers by players who would not have made a purchase later to implement the controversial system. System that has been modified every day since launch 10 free tokens for online games. According to Veld, this solution would not have been implemented if the title had been backed by a company Triple A. rather than from a developer independently with - unfortunately - fewer resources.

Although this motivation makes sense from one point of view financialThe Culling: Origins model remains bizarre and potential earlier that we - unfortunately - could check in the future, maybe implemented by a certain one EA.

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