Disney now owns the Avatar franchise

Avatar - What the Disney Fox Deal Means for the Franchise

Avatar is still the most successful film of all time 10 years after its start. After the Fox sale, the franchise belongs to the Disney group. That will have consequences.

Avatar grossed $ 2,788 million. This makes the fantasy adventure on the distant planet Pandora the undefeated king of the box office since 2009, by a large margin. There is no film in sight that could challenge Avatar for this position. If so, then maybe it comes from your own house, because Avatar 2 is due to hit cinemas worldwide on December 18th, 2020. On this date - according to current information - the Disney takes over Foxchange nothing. Nevertheless, the Disney-Fox deal will have consequences.

Disney is more than a movie - avatar in Disney parks

No film is more predestined for the Walt Disney parks and resorts than Avatar. The fantastic world of Pandora lends itself well to this and so it is no wonder that there has been an Avatar-themed world at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando since the summer of 2017. Some of the attractions include:

  • the Avatar Flight of Passage, a simulator attraction where guests learn to fly banshee, as well as
  • the Na'vi River Journey, a boat cruise attraction down the Kasvapan River that showcases the native fauna and flora of Pandora.

In Avatar 2 and the planned Avatar 3, 4 and 5Underwater worlds will play a role, of which it is already said that they will be Revolutionize underwater photography. So it goes into the shallows of the planet. In the coming films, numerous ideas for theme worlds will probably be served up ready for script for Disneyland & Co.

Disney is Merch-King - Avatar in the living room

Mugs, key rings, figurines, shirts ... Disney is king when it comes to merchandising because the group owns brands like Pixar, Star Wars and the MCU, which have great buying needs. Companies scramble to inspire their customers with Disney branded items and pay high license fees to jump on the film advertising campaign.

Avatar as a franchise hasn't even explored that, and Disney is big at making brands bigger in that regard. Not only in the theme parks will we find shops that want to bring us closer to Avatar with their articles, perhaps next to Avatar logo mugs also Avatar lassos or next to the classic shirt the Avatar dream catcher with the forest spirits Atokirina from the soul tree.

There is still cinema - Avatar as nostalgia

When Avatar 2 hits theaters in December 2020, many people will not have seen or remember the original from 2009. So it would be the perfect opportunity to bring the modern classic back to the screen and to publish special editions on DVD / Blu-ray. After the first euphoric recording of the film due to the 3D effect, there was also criticism of the conservative Pocahontas story. So there has to be a kind of hype again, especially to lure young viewers in front of the screens in droves.

If that works, Avatar 2 must also work as a film, it must ultimately be an unparalleled spectacle so that the Avatar successor films have a real chance. So there is enormous pressure on the project and Disney seems to be in a better position than Fox to master it thanks to the big big franchise experience. We will probably only find out later which compromises director James Cameron has to make for this. He would from one Superhero fatigue benefit, but Disney as the new owner certainly does not want this. And then there is Star Wars, with which the franchise has to fight over the Christmas dates for 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025. We'll soon find out who will win.

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