When is an immigration test required?

Permanent immigration

General requirements for issuing residence permits

Secure livelihood

The authorities may only issue you with a residence permit if you have income at least as much as the relevant standard compensation allowance rate.

The equalization supplement standard rates since 1.1.2021:

  • for single persons: € 1,000.48
  • for married couples: € 1,578.36
  • for each child: an additional € 154.37

Social benefits to which an entitlement would only arise when the residence title was issued, in particular social assistance benefits or the equalization allowance, are not taken into account.

In order to obtain a Red-White-Red Card and an EU Blue Card, special income regulations must be observed.

Health insurance

During your stay in Austria, you must have health insurance that covers all risks and is subject to benefits in Austria. If you are covered by the social security system (e.g. because you work in Austria), then you have adequate health insurance coverage.


You must be entitled to accommodation that is customary in the location (e.g. based on a rental agreement).

For the following residence permits, no claim to customary accommodation is required. However, the cost of the accommodation must be taken into account when calculating the maintenance costs.

This concerns the

  • Red-white-red card
  • Blue card
  • Residence permit for researchers and researcher mobility
  • Settlement permit for other relatives of EEA citizens or Swiss
  • college student
  • ICT and mobile ICT
  • Volunteers
A free accommodation that can be revoked at any time without notice does not meet the requirement of proof of accommodation, because this does not justify a claim to accommodation.
Proof of secure livelihood and the right to accommodation can be provided by a declaration of liability from a third party, provided this is expressly provided for.

No threat to public order or security

Your stay must not contradict public order or security or significantly impair Austria's relations with other countries.


Laws and Foundations