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These are the 10 arms companies with the highest turnover in the world

Internationally, plans are also currently underway for joint arms projects. One of them: Germany, France and Spain want a new fighter aircraft to replace the Eurofighter. The new fighter is a whole air combat system called FCAS (Future Combat Air System). It should be operational by 2040.

The project should not only bring a new generation of fighter aircraft, but also control drones and satellites. A first prototype of the fighter jet ("demonstrator") is scheduled to fly in 2026. It was only at the beginning of February that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and President Emmanuel Macron committed to the major armaments projects of both countries.

According to the manufacturer Dassault, the industrial partners for the billion-dollar armaments project have agreed to share the burden. This was announced by the head of Dassault Aviation, √Čric Trappier, in Paris in April. "That was difficult," said Trappier, who is also chairman of the French industry association Gifas. Dassault is leading the billions project together with the Airbus Group.

Germany is also involved in another project: In March, after long negotiations, the Federal Republic and Norway agreed on an armaments project worth billions. Together they buy a total of six U212 family submarines from the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Two of the boats are destined for Germany, four for Norway. They are to be built in Kiel, delivery is to begin in 2029 - three years later than planned.

The Federal Ministry of Defense announced that the project would secure numerous high-quality jobs in Kiel and the surrounding area until the middle of the next decade. In addition, cooperation between the German and Norwegian navies will be strengthened. "With this step, Germany and Norway are jointly preparing the ground for possible further cooperation with numerous allies in the EU and NATO."

According to the Norwegian news agency NTB, Norway expects a budget of around 45 billion kroner (4.4 billion euros) for its four submarines. "I am very pleased that the negotiations are finished," said Norway's Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen of the NTB.