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Uluru - Ayers Rock - in Australia: the most famous monolith in the world

For us, visiting Uluru / Ayers Rock was a dream come true. Although we've been to Australia a few times, we never made the way here. This time we decided to visit the highlight, which is known far beyond the borders of Australia. Our experience in the red center of Australia was really worth it. I can understand why the Aborigines see Uluru as a holy place. Even from a few kilometers away you can look at it for hours and perceive new facets, play of colors or shades over and over again.

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Directions to Uluru

There are several ways to travel to Ayers Rock. The easiest way to get here from overseas is to fly to Alice Springs and travel from here yourself. You can arrive by rental car, with a bus transfer from Alice Springs or by camper. Basically, the more pleasant option is to travel with a rental car or camper yourself, because then you are independent.

With the rental car to Uluru

You can rent a rental car directly from Ayers Rock Airport or of course from Alice Springs, so that you can also explore the region around the red center. From Alice Springs you have a larger selection of vehicles, of course, but if the time to visit Ayers Rock is tight, pick-up at Ayers Rock Airport is the better choice.

To Uluru by camper

We drove up the Stuart Highway ourselves with the camper from Port Augusta in South Australia and experienced the distances once again while driving through the Australian outback. The tour is really recommended. Since we are often asked which camper we can recommend for the trip to Uluru, we have teamed up with our partner travel agency and can now recommend good campers to you. We only have well-known providers of mobile homes, whose campers we can recommend with a clear conscience. Just enter your travel dates and compare the campers. You can also request a non-binding and free offer for your camper.

The Uluru in the video

Uluru / Ayers Rock

Not sure yet whether you want to travel to the red center of Australia? Then check out this beautiful Uluru video. It really worked out and you can see the holy mountain in the Northern Territory from many beautiful perspectives.

Where is Uluru in Australia?

Uluru is in the center of Australia - in the red Center! It is located in the middle of the outback, 460 kilometers south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, in the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park. Seen from Alice Springs it is a day trip to this point. That is why I recommend you to spend at least 2 or 3 nights at Ayers Rock in order to be able to explore the area extensively. In this overview map you can see the distance to the next larger city Alice Springs. Our tip: Spend as much time as possible in Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park. A visit to Alice Springs itself, however, can be neglected.

Uluru is on the southern border of the Northern Territory and even has its own airport in Yulara. Up to here you can fly directly by plane from many major cities in Australia. This of course saves time and the flight over the Australian outback is really fascinating.

Yulara is a small settlement on the edge of the national park. The small town in the outback was built so that visitors could spend a few nights near Uluru and explore the area extensively. There are scheduled flights to Connellan Airport from Cairns, Sydney and Alice Springs. Yulara is also easy to reach with the Greyhound Bus, a line runs daily between Alice Springs, about 450 kilometers away, and the tourist resort at Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park.

A world-famous travel option is to take The Ghan to the red center of Australia. The train goes through Alice Springs, from where you can book excursions to Uluru. If you want to be flexible, you can also reach Yulara from Alice Springs by rental car. The roads from Yulara to Uluru and Kata Tjuta are developed and well paved. However, they are only passable during the day, during the opening times of the national park.

We drove to Uluru with the camper last year. A wonderful tour that will always be something very special for us. Here you can read our experience report and we will give you further tips for renting a camper in Australia.

The most beautiful tours on Uluru / Ayers Rock

You can explore Uluru extensively on a tour. Here we show you uniquely beautiful tours where you can get to know Uluru / Ayers Rock.

Helicopter flight at Uluru

On a helicopter flight on Uluru, you can see the red monolith from lofty heights. From up here you will see how the Uluru is shaped and what indentations there are. Unfortunately, in our experience, the prices on site for helicopter flights were so expensive that our hair stood on end. Incredible how much more we should pay for the same flights that can be found online.

You can find out which helicopter flight over Uluru / Ayers Rock suits you best with our tour comparison:

Be sure to book your helicopter flight online beforehand, as the organizers on site in Yulara are incredibly expensive!

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Field of Light at Uluru

Visiting the Field of Light on Uluru is uniquely beautiful. The art installation by the Briton Bruce Munro enchants with its 50,000 small lights, especially at sunrise. You can admire the Field of Light until the end of December 2020. You should definitely buy tickets online in advance because they sell out very quickly. (Photo by Mark Pickthall, © Brucemunro.co.uk)

Duration: 2 hours
Price: approx. 45 €

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Segway Sunrise Tour

One of the most beautiful tours on Uluru is to circumnavigate the monolith by Segway at sunrise. On this tour you will completely circle Uluru / Ayers Rock in 5 hours. You will learn a lot about the rock formation and also the history of the Aborigines. You can strengthen yourself during this tour with breakfast.

Duration: 5 hours
Price: approx. 115 €

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Gourmet BBQ at Uluru: BBQ at sunset

Enjoy the wonderful play of colors at the Uluru sunset in the outback with a glass of sparkling wine and the best Australian gourmet BBQ (grilling). When the stars are shining in the sky and you've finished your dinner, you can listen to great (and appropriate) music and an astronomer will explain more about the stars above you. An unforgettable highlight on Uluru.

Duration: 3:45 hours
Price: approx. 145 €

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Multi-day Ayers Rock tours

The Rock Tour - 3 day camping tour

Highlights: Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta, Uluru
Duration: 3 days

Start: Alice Springs
End: Alice Springs
Price: approx. 250 €

Online booking

Arnhem Land & Uluru Camping Adventure

Highlights: Arnhem Land, Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon
Duration: 9 days

Start: Darwin
End: Alice Springs
Price: approx. € 2,100

Online booking

Ayers Rock Wanted Poster

How high is the Uluru?

Uluru is 348 meters high and 862 meters above sea level. It is often referred to as the largest monolith in the world. However, this is controversial because it is believed to be just the top of a mountain range that protrudes up to 6 kilometers below. The largest monolith is also located in Australia, Mount Augustus is in Western Australia.

But you will still not be able to grasp the size of Uluru with the naked eye. As soon as the Uluru comes into your field of vision, you will - if you are like us - get goose bumps. Even 10 kilometers away you won't be able to grasp that it is 348 meters tall - that's higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

How long and wide is Uluru?

Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is 3 kilometers long and up to 2 kilometers wide. It is not smooth and has many indentations, which is why the mountain always appears different. The typical motifs of Uluru, which you see again and again on postcards, were taken from the viewpoints.

Why is the Uluru red?

The Uluru / Ayers Rock consists of Arkose, a sandstone that has a high proportion of the mineral feldspar. It is actually gray, but turned rust-red to brown due to the iron content during weathering. You can see the color differences very clearly at sunrises and sunsets.

Who Owns Uluru?

The Uluru belongs to the Anangu Aboriginal tribe, who have lived here for many 1,000 years. Today the Aborigines lease the land to the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service.

What is the meaning of Uluru for the indigenous people?

Uluru / Ayers Rock is a sacred mountain for the Aborigines, a myth of dream time. There are sacred sites, water holes and murals with special meanings at Uluru. Therefore, some areas are not allowed to be photographed.

My personal Uluru tip

Even if it sounds strange at first. I recommend that you buy a "net". In the outback there are a lot of bush flies, little flies that seek your proximity! Not only do they fly close to you, they love to crawl into your ears and nose. I laughed at the people who wore nets like this first - it just looks hilarious! After our first sunset, however, I can say - in the long run it sucks to have to drive away the flies. That's why we bought such nets for only a few dollars from one of the souvenir shops in Yulara. They still look very funny, but the Bush Flies just don't bother me anymore.

Sunrise and sunset at Uluru

The two highlights par excellence are of course sunrise and sunset, during which the colors of the mountain turn from dark brown to glowing red every minute - sometimes even seconds. My tip, so that it is more relaxed for you on site: Drive to Yulara, the Ayers Rock Resort, and first check into your accommodation. The place created in nowhere offers the only place to stay overnight.

At Uluru there are specially designated viewpoints, from which the sunrise and sunset are particularly beautiful. At the tourist information in Yulara you can get very good information on where to watch the sunrise and sunset most impressively.

Allow enough time to be able to see Ayers Rock / Uluru in all its color nuances!

Remember that you have to drive a few kilometers from Yulara to Uluru - and you certainly won't be the only ones who want to watch the sun court or sunset. You have to pay for the entrance to the national park beforehand (and if you have already done so, you still have to queue and show your ticket). We therefore advise you to plan at least one hour before sunrise or sunset.

Is it worth visiting Uluru?

We asked ourselves this question before our trip to Uluru. And although I've been to Australia many times (19 times now), I've never seen the red giant in central Australia. Somehow I had stamped him as a tourist magnet - I read a few such travel reports. During our last trip, our friend Rohan strongly advised us to visit Uluru, it should be an overwhelming experience to see the monolith! And it was precisely because of this recommendation that we changed our itinerary and drove the Stuart Highway to Ayers Rock.

Our conclusion on the Uluru visit

Now that we have finally been there, we can say: Ayers Rock is definitely worth a visit. The excitement of seeing this holy mountain on the approach, to be able to watch the play of colors at sunrise and above all sunset, to see the waterfalls up close when it rains makes our trip unforgettable. That's why you should definitely visit Ayers Rock. By the way, I didn't even know that Ayers Rock is now officially called Uluru - I learned something again.

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