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20 Mar 2008

Lahiri will compose three songs for Khan's IPL team Knight Riders
Bappi Lahiri, who made an improvised song called OK for Om Shanti Om, is now recording three different tunes for Shah Rukh Khan's IPL team. After Vishal-Shekhar, Bappi Lahiri is the second composer to work on the melodies for the Knight Riders. Here Bappida talks about singing for SRK, his inspiration to compose the 'cricket' tunes and his secret plan to have SRK sing!

How did you get into this project?
I'm a huge SRK fan and he knows it. In fact, whenever we met, he would talk about my music and I would talk about his films. So it was really exciting when I got a call from him asking me to work for his team, the Knight Riders.

How many songs do you compose and who will sing them?
I'm doing three songs for Shah Rukh. I'll sing one song, Usha Uthup will sing the second, and this Bengali band called Bhoomi will sing the third. We plan to do the recording sometime next week. I'm very excited to work with Ushaji as we did several great hits together. Also, I'm eager to work with Bhoomi because these guys are really good. The songs will be in Hindi with some Bengali words in between.
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