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  1. Ulrike Rylance

    Penny Pepper - spies on the beach

    Current review of: Claudias-Buecherregal
    Penny's family wants to spend the summer vacation in Italy this year. Fortunately, her friend Ida is also allowed to come along. By chance it happens that they also meet Flora and Marie there. So the little gang of detectives is complete, which is very good because a new case is waiting for the girls. Large quantities of towels and bathrobes disappear in luxury hotels. There can only be theft behind it. But who is the culprit? There are enough suspects, so the girls have to come up with a plan to unmask the real culprit.

    I know and love all Penny Pepper novels so far. They convince visually and in terms of content across the board.

    The books all have a cover that is more stable than a paperback, but more flexible than a hardcover, and I really like the design. In addition, the book has rounded corners, which I also like, because the corners always nudge so easily. Lisa Hänsch illustrated the book again and her style fits perfectly with the cheeky, bright Penny. As usual, the book is in comic style. So there are many illustrations and different fonts. This makes it ideal for readers who are put off by too much continuous text. "Reading" here is more like "discovering".

    As I said, the children's book is also convincing in terms of content. As usual, the German-speaking author lets her girls experience an exciting detective case, this time under the Italian sun. So, of course, the beach and ice cream are not neglected, but mainly it's about the little criminal case. There are enough potential suspects for the reader to puzzle over. The book is not only exciting, but also humorous, because of course things don't always go smoothly with the girls, the two sniffer dogs and the crazy recording device.

    Conclusion: The fifth volume in the Penny Pepper series is also convincing across the board. Anyone who is a fan should not miss this book and everyone else should take a look at the reading sample to see if it might be something for them. But then please start with volume one in order to benefit fully - even if the books can be read independently of one another.

    Hardcover: 152 pages
    Publisher: dtv Verlagsgesellschaft (June 9, 2017)
    Language: German
    ISBN-10: 3423761709
    ISBN-13: 978-3423761703
    Age recommended by the manufacturer: 6 - 9 years