What is TS

Removal of the ovaries / fallopian tubes


Gender neutral

Penoid / phalloplasty

Everyday test (living in the opposite sex for 1 year)

For tying the chest for trans men

Stretch of the neovagina

Woman born with a feminine body

Man born with a male body


German Society for Transidentity and

Intersexuality e.V.

Ladies laundry carrier

Endocrinologist (specialist in hormones)

Facial Feminization Surgery (operative feminization of the face)

Female to male (German: Frau zu Mann)

ICD-10 diagnostic key for gender identity disorder

Sex chromosome

Sex reassignment surgery

Hormone Replacement Therapy

(English for hormone replacement therapy)

Hysterectomy Removal of the uterus

Intense Pulsed Light for hair removal

Intersex, hermaphrodites, hermaphrodites

Globally recognized diagnostic classification system

Removal of vaginal tissue

Assumption of costs

Mastectomy, removal of the breast

Minoxidil, a powerful hair restorer

medical service of the health insurance

Male to female (German: Mann zu Frau)

Legal aid

Perceived as belonging to the perceived gender

become, through clothing, appearance, etc.

After the operation

Before the operation

Laser hair removal

support group

Living in the new gender without anyone

know about the transition

Testosterone (male hormones)

Trans woman (MTF)



Trans man

Transgender people

The way from one sex to the other


Transsexual Act

Testosterone injection


First name and change of civil status

Form the feminine gender


Form the male gender