What are the coolest baby names

Cool boy names: the 20 most beautiful names for your baby

Those who have the choice are also spoiled for choice - parents-to-be especially notice this when they are looking for a name for their baby. While girls' names are often supposed to be elegant, boy names usually require another attribute: cool. We've put together 20 cool boy names.

Cool boy names: our 20 favorites for your baby

While some people already have their favorite baby names in their heads before they even start planning for offspring, the search for parents-to-be starts at the latest when the gender of the offspring is known. We'll help you find the right name for your baby by giving you 20 cool boy names for inspiration:

1. Lenny

Lenny is short for Leonard. While this name is very classic and traditional, Lenny looks young and cool.

2. Milo

Since the "Gilmore Girls" at the latest, the name Milo has never gotten out of our heads - let's just think of the actor Milo Ventimiglia. The name comes from Slavic and means "the glorious" - if that's not cool.

3. Joel

The name Joe has a biblical origin and is particularly widespread in English-speaking countries. It can also be pronounced in many different ways, which makes it particularly cool.

4. Liam

Liam comes from English or Irish and is an abbreviation for William. Again, it shows that the short forms of old names have to be really cool and not at all old-fashioned.

5. Mats

In addition to a cool touch, Mats also has a cheeky touch, as we think. The Scandinavian name with the meaning "gift of God" is again a short form - from Matthias.

6. Nion

Nion is a very, very rare, but also super cool name for a boy. If you want to keep the likelihood that no other child in the class will later bear your child's name, you will surely make a good choice with Nion.

7. Mick

When it comes to cool boy names, this name shouldn't be missing either: Mick. The short form of Michael is particularly widespread in England, but also occurs in Germany.

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8. Marlo

The name Marlon is too common for you, but you like the sound? How about the somewhat abbreviated version of Marlo?

9. Levi

Levi comes from the Hebrew and means something like "the faithful" and "the connected".

10. Nick

In our eyes, Nick is also clearly one of the particularly cool boy names. It comes from ancient Greek and means "the winner".

11. Silas

The name Silas is not only cool, but also really rare. Or do you already know a child who bears this name?

12. Damian

Are you looking for a boy's name that can be pronounced in German or English? Then Damian could be perfect.

13. Jonah

This short form of Jonas is definitely one of the cool boy names. Unlike Jonas himself, it is not very widespread in Germany, but we are becoming more and more popular here too.

14. Jamie

The name Jamie, which is widespread in England and Scotland, is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. He too has a biblical background.

15. Sami

Sami has several origins. This is why boys of Finnish, Hungarian, Arab or Turkish descent are given this name particularly often.

16. Kian

This name from Ireland is rather a rarity in Germany - which makes it particularly cool in our eyes.

June 17

Junis comes from Arabic and Swedish and is actually a unisex given name. While in Scandinavia girls are more likely to be called Junis, the Arabic boy's name is derived from Younes.

18. Nikon

Not only known as a brand name for popular cameras, Nikon is also popular as a boy's name.

19. Luke

The English form of Lukas may remind many of the cartoon character "Lucky Luke", but that doesn't make the name any less cool.

20. Neo

Neo means something like "the new one". The name has an ancient Greek, but also African origin, which is what makes it so multicultural.

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Have you discovered your penchant for short, crisp names? Then you will find many more cool boy names with just four letters here:

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