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Do you like to eat paper or watch that people around you reach for a pulp snack every now and then? Now the question that arises is whether eating paper is toxic and why do some people view this material as food? One thing should be clear; This type of food intake is not beneficial to health and most of the time paper eaters even need urgent medical attention.

A substance is said to be toxic if it a damaging effect has on the human organism. It does not matter whether the negative impairment occurs immediately after ingestion of the toxic element or whether it has to develop first.

Poison containing a poison; having the damaging effect of poison developing.

Duden: Toxic - meanings. (08/2016).

There are also many in paper Fabricswhich are very unhealthy for humans in the long run. Commercially available printer paper is made from fine pieces of wood, for example. In this raw material are Lignins included. These natural macromolecules ensure that wood is hard and must therefore be separated from the fibers when making paper. For this chemical process alone come among other things Caustic soda and Sodium sulfate(Salt of sulfuric acid) to use.

  • So that the pulp holds together, is also used in paper production Adhesives worked.
  • Some types of paper are also still with chlorine bleached. However, worry Color pigments for the fact that handicraft papers are colored beautifully.

Note: The manufacture of paper is a chemical process. You can also recognize this by the Steamingwho reach you after opening a fresh packet of printer paper.

  • Given the ingredients in paper, it can be said that the Eating paper is definitely toxic¹ is.

Of course, you won't fall over immediately after a long paper snack. The negative effects are also certainly less than if you took a sip of drain cleaner. However, long-term consumption of paper can only be harmful to your health.

Why do people like to eat paper?

The reasons for eating paper are different. Harmless it is when mostly pubescent boys at school eat paper for fun and want to be funny. I probably did this nonsense once as a 14-year-old hormone stud.

  • To the Problem It only becomes so when you address the serviettes in the restaurant more than the ordered dish. Who has a regular need for eating paper is sick and has an eating disorder.

People with a permanent zinc and iron deficiency are particularly at risk of developing such an eating disorder. However, the main trigger for abnormal eating behavior is always overly psychological stress. For those affected, not only pieces of paper, but also other unnatural things such as charcoal, chalk, cotton wool or foam are very attractive as food.

Psychosocial explanatory models hook into the stress theory, see pica behavior primarily as a response to stress, deprivation or neglect.

Knecht, T: Pica - a qualitative appetite disorder. (08/2016).

  • Most people associate eating disorders with obesity or bulimia. This Clinical pictures but have nothing to do with eating paper. Even if you generally consume normal foods in between meals in front of the television In the mood for some paper, you most likely have a health problem.

Important: So if you have a need for pulp on a regular basis, only a visit to your family doctor will help. Finally, the consumption of some types of paper also harbors immediate dangers. Paper edges are very sharp and tissue paper in particular swells up in the stomach.

Conclusion: edible paper is not a solution

During my research for this article I came across various “women's forums” in which the forists various home remedies recommend. I especially had to laugh at the tip that you should try it with sweet edible paper. However, this sticky food consists of sugar, wheat flour or starch and does not satisfy an eating sick in any way. Likewise, one could advise an alcoholic person to try water. Bach flowers or Feng Shui do not help either, so please see a doctor.

Another indication that paper is not food can be seen from the raised paper VAT rate. Paper is one of the greatest products mankind has produced, but only as a material.

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¹The content presented here is intended solely for impartial information and general further training. The article does not claim to be complete, nor can the topicality, correctness and balance of the information presented be guaranteed. The text does not in any way replace professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist and it must not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the start, change or termination of a treatment of illnesses.

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