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Do you want to live a happy and fulfilling life? Then one thing above all else is important: You have to know who you are. Because only when we know who we are do we also know what we want and what suits us. Sounds complicated? Do not worry! We will help you so that you too will soon find the perfect answer to the question "Who am I?" know.

A question that will stay with us for a lifetime: Who am I?

Knowing yourself doesn't happen overnight. Chances are you'll spend your whole life trying to figure out who you really are. Because the question of your ownI is an ongoing process that will never be fully completed. After all, we change all of our lives. And even if we can help you get to know yourself and your personality a little better with this article, you will probably not know 100% who you really are even afterwards. But you will definitely get a little closer to the whole thing and create clarity!

Who am I really? Here's how you can find out

To answer the question of who you really are for yourself, you basically just have to find out what defines you. Because every person is unique and has different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, interests, values ​​and goals in life. We have put together a few questions for you to help you put into words what sets you apart. So grab a blank sheet of paper and a pen and go through all the questions once. Take your time and answer the questions honestly and gut-wise. Have fun with this little one Self-discovery course!

Your characteristics: This is what defines you

This is about your character traits. Read through the questions and freely write down your thoughts on them. Don't be too perfectionist about this.

  • How would you describe yourself in three words?
  • How would your friends describe you?
  • How would your friends describe you to their siblings?
  • What is the difference between you and your friends?
  • How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

Your strengths: You're good at it

To get you the answer to the "Who am I?" approach, you should now hold onto what you are really good at.

  • What have you learned so far (school / studies / hobby / sport)?
  • What was your best school subject?
  • Have you ever been officially recognized for something?
  • What things are you good at handling?
  • What is particularly easy for you?
  • In what ways have you been praised by others?
  • What can you do better than your friends / siblings?
  • How would your friends / siblings ask you for help?

Your weaknesses: It's not that easy for you

Of course we humans do not only have strengths, but also weaknesses. You can easily define it with the following questions.

  • What is not so easy for you?
  • Where are you not so good in?
  • What was your worst school subject?
  • What have you been criticized for before?
  • What quality do you not like so much about yourself?
  • What can others do better than you?
  • What do your friends / siblings have to help you with?

Your interests: You find that exciting

"Who am I?" - a simplified answer would also be: You are what you are concerned with. But what is your favorite thing to do? The best way to approach this answer is with the following questions.

  • What kind of books do you prefer to read?
  • What kind of documentaries / series do you like to watch?
  • What do you like to talk about with your friends / siblings?
  • What do you type frequently in an online search engine?
  • What do you like to do most when you are free?
  • If someone gave you $ 10,000, what would you do with it?
  • Who would you like to talk to?
  • Whose life would you like to live for a day?

Your values: You think that's important

A big area in self-discovery is defining your values. Your moral concept is what you consider to be worth striving for and morally right in life.

  • What do you find important in life?
  • What do you look for in your friendships?
  • What do you pay attention to when choosing your partner?
  • What are your strongest needs?
  • What three things couldn't you live without?
  • How do you act in a game?

Your goals: This is what you want to achieve in life

For the next questions, imagine that you are 95 years old and look back at your life ...

  • What would you have wanted to experience?
  • What would you have liked to see?
  • How would you like to have lived?
  • Who would you have loved to surround yourself with?
  • What would you have liked to have left for the people after you?
  • What kind of person would you have liked to have been?

Who am I? The evaluation of your personality test

We hope you enjoyed this little self-discovery journey. It doesn't matter at all if you couldn't answer all of the questions well. See your answers as a kind of limit or direction. You will see through the sum of your answers what defines you and your personality. You can then use this knowledge to respond more closely to your needs and to lead a life that really suits you.

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