Is gay marriage legal in Australia

Ben & Jerry's in Australia: Boycott legalizing gay marriage

"Ben & Jerry’s" is campaigning for the legalization of same-sex marriage - and is creating a real "ice ball gate" in Australia. | az / lagDon't rememberMark0 CommentsRecommend article
"Ben & Jerry's" - Twitter Anyone in Australia who wants a double serving of chocolate ice cream is currently getting nothing.

Sydney - The fun stops with ice cream - especially if you live down under and the Australian sun sizzles down your neck nonstop. That is what the "Ben & Jerry’s" ice cream chain thought, which wants to promote the legalization of gay marriage with a special campaign.

Since same-sex marriage is not yet allowed in Australia, "Ben & Jerry’s" has now launched an ice-ball boycott. The perfidious idea: Ordering two scoops of the same type of ice cream will no longer be possible at "Ben & Jerry’s" in the future. A double serving of Chunky Monkey? Two balls of cookie dough in a waffle? No chance.

Gentle protest with a big impact

The idea behind the campaign is quickly understood: If two people of the same sex are not allowed to marry, there are no longer two identical flavors of ice cream in one waffle in Australia.

The effectiveness of the ice ball boycott will be demonstrated on June 13th - on this day the Australian parliament will again discuss whether same-sex marriage will be legalized Down Under in the future. Around 72 percent of the Australian population is now in favor of marriage for all.

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