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India accuses China of violating the border

India has accused China of provocations on the common border in the Himalayas. Chinese troops tried with military movements on Sunday night to change the status quo on the south bank of Lake Pangong Tso, said the Indian Ministry of Defense. Own troops had anticipated this. They took steps to maintain their position and thwarted Chinese intentions.

It goes on to say that the Indian army wants to keep the peace through dialogue; but it will protect the territorial integrity of the country. Domestically, the latest incidents are putting the government in New Delhi under great pressure. Many Indians would like Beijing to have a tough answer.

"We are in contact"

China denied the allegations. The soldiers at the border would "never cross the line of control". They are in contact with India to clarify the situation.

Indian army transporter in the Union territory of Ladakh (archive image)

Relations between the two nuclear powers have been strained for a long time. At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a military clash in mid-June. It was the worst incident at the border in decades. Subsequently, military representatives tried to contribute to a de-escalation through talks. At the same time, the troops in the disputed area were significantly increased.

In 1962, the world's most populous countries waged a brief war that China won. India is militarily inferior to the People's Republic. The disputes over the almost 3,500 kilometers long border in the Himalayas have continued since then.

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