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Bettina Rheims: Gender Studies

Steidl Verlag, Göttingen 2014
ISBN 9783869308029, hardcover, 80 pages, 48.00 EUR
Twenty years after "Modern Lovers", a body of work on androgyny and transgender created when AIDS was at its peak, Bettina Rheims now presents "Gender Studies". In the light of current controversial debates ...

Judith Butler: Grid of War. Why don't we lament every suffering

Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2010
ISBN 9783593391557, hardcover, 180 pages, 19.90 EUR
From the American by Reiner Ansen. When we read that German soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, we are affected. The fate of civilian villagers killed at the same time clearly troubles us ...

Irene Berkel (ed.): Postsexuality. To transform desire

Psychosozial Verlag, Giessen 2009
ISBN 9783837920093, paperboard, 195 pages, 22.90 EUR
In the volume, the consequences of the cultural dissociation of sexuality and reproduction on the desiring subject as well as the gender and generational order under different disciplinary ...

Rita Schäfer: Women and Wars in Africa. A contribution to gender research

Brandes and Apsel Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2008
ISBN 9783860993453, paperback, 520 pages, 39.90 EUR
This study shows the long-term consequences of the participation of young women in anti-colonial wars of liberation in southern Africa. In addition, she directs her focus on civil wars and post-war developments ...