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Why we don't give interviews for Russia Today (RTdeutsch)

Dear pop,

I'm sorry, but you've been sucked into propaganda and conspiracy theories. Just let it be and take a break. Sooner or later you should come to terms with the fact that you are not as intelligent as you think you are. This is not meant to be an insult, but it has to be said. Just by the way you write, I can tell that you are the typical victim of conspiracy theories and pyramid schemes. The reason you keep stumbling upon conspiracies is because you compulsively search for them. Just like people who obsessively look for mistakes. It's a kind of neurosis. Of course, not everything our media wrote is 100% - but your reverse conclusion is unfortunately the wrong one. The opinion of our media is certainly tinged western and pro-USA, of course. But that is still quite a long way from being controlled by the state like RT. I guarantee you will find more truth in our media than in Russia Today. Russia Today is not a second or a different opinion, but a state-controlled tool that shows exactly the truth that Putin is currently favorable to. RT is clearly only aimed at creating a dispute in Western society and has absolutely zero informational value because it is only reported unilaterally. Many things that are claimed are easily refutable with Google. Opinions that are refuted before they appear are not alternative opinions, but damn false reports omg. Your trick is to start with facts. Most of them, like you, miss the part where the whole thing drifts into easily refutable madness - comparable to a magician who distracts you so that you do not notice something else or comparable to the program of sects. Besides - where is Russia Today questioning its own government critically? The questions to Putin from RT sound like they have been read aloud and chosen by himself. Suddenly they are not cheeky at all. Are you slowly realizing what the problem with RT is? For comparison, I watched an interview today on Fox, which is notorious as a hardliner broadcaster. You pretty much dismantled the vice. In Russia, the RT should never dare with Putin, otherwise heads will roll. That is the big difference. I hope you will wake up before you damage the unity of Europe with your nonsense. At least you don't seem to me to be a paid Kremlin scribe for a change, but just a confused man, which is why I am now sacrificing my time for you. I don't want to suppress your opinion with my intolerance or belittle you. Just because someone is clearly smarter than you is not disrespectful ;-). Believe of me what you want But why don't you trust your own compatriots? You should trust the blog maker. He knows what he's talking about. Programmers are very good at analyzing. You can trust me too. I studied internet technology and management in Austria, so I know a lot about media and programming. Why should we want to lead you behind the light? Consider why. There is no motive. Russia Today, on the other hand, has many reasons to fool you - including Putin's geopolitical strategy, who dreams of a Eurasian Union. I think that's not to be dismissed completely, right? RT is a tool used by Putin to drive a wedge in the West. The creator of this blog is doing just the right thing. Bild does exactly the right thing, even if I always thought it was a revolver blade. In truth, we have been in an information war against Russia for some time and you are currently letting Russia use you as a tool. In the Snowden case, you are definitely accusing the federal government of allowing the Americans to use them. You are probably one of those who is terribly offended by it. How could they fool you as a genius ;-)? Cheek !!! I have a surprise for you: every country spies on every country, at least if it has a secret service. That is standard and a good thing. The Germans are spying on the Americans, the Americans are spying on the Germans, and the Russians are certainly spying on too. For God's sake get over it. The Americans are our allies and there is no reasonable reason to trust them any less than Russia and yes I know all the mistakes, wars and lies of the past two decades. For me these are not as big a scandals and as big a drama as they are for you. Russia doesn't do it any differently. They also use everything to their advantage and lie that the bars are bending. That is normal. That's why you don't change your allies, especially if you are geopolitically in the dominant position :-). Just because Putin sells well and appears honest when he speaks, it doesn't mean it is him. That too is just a rhetorical trick. He lies just as often as Western politicians - if not more often. They also treat their allies much worse, why do you think why all vassal states in the USSR wanted to leave? Incidentally, RT is also a project of the Russian secret service. Why aren't you pissed off on RT now?