Who are the real heroes of Karnataka

Quiz: Superheroes and their real identity

You should like these superhero movies:

Avengers: Infinity War: The mighty Titan Thanos has made it his mission to wipe out half the universe. In order to make this perfidious plan a reality, he first needs all six Infinity Stones, which, in conjunction with a specially made glove, give him godlike powers.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron: Billionaire, bon vivant and genius Tony Stark aka Iron Man wants to start an inactive peace program, but something goes wrong. The wicked robot villain Ultron appears and pursues plans to exterminate humanity.

Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow: The mighty Avengers were always there when the world threatened damage, but they were destroyed in a brutal battle against the indestructible robot Ultron. But all is not lost, because Iron Man hid the children of the Avengers in a safe place and raised them with the one goal of making them the heroes of the future!

Ultimate Avengers - The Movie: After he single-handedly nipped the Nazis' nuclear missile program in the bud and exposed aliens as their collaborators, superhero Captain America falls into a sixty year freeze. Researchers in the service of General Fury, head of the super-secret S.H.I.E.L.D.project, have freed him from this with some ulterior motive.

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