In what year did Frank Zappa die

Frank Zappa died 25 years agoBrilliant musician and rock rebel

"At my concerts I like to take the risk of making mistakes. It's a privilege to create something that only exists for the moment, unique and unrepeatable. If I play a solo during a concert, that's how it is not heard before, and you will never hear it like that again afterwards. "

Frank Zappa was an exceptionally virtuoso musician, as evidenced by this guitar solo, which was recorded during a concert in Paris in 1979. He loved spontaneity on stage, but at the same time attached great importance to perfection.

"I think that he is considered a brilliant composer and arranger. After all, he wrote down almost everything in sheet music. He was one who wrote scores. He was one who wrote sentences very correctly, who tried very hard Studio preparation ", says the Bonn musicologist Volkmar Kramarz.

Zappa showed great musical talent early on

Frank Zappa was born in 1940 as the child of Italian immigrants in Baltimore. The ailing asthmatic boy showed great musical talent at an early age. He started out with drums and later switched to guitar, played in teen rock bands and conducted the high school orchestra. His interest in music ranged from the electric blues of Howlin ‘Wolf to composers such as Schönberg, Stravinsky or Webern.

For the album with the ironic title "We're only in it for the money", which Zappa recorded in 1967 with his legendary band "Mothers of Invention", he experimented with sound collages and used elements from classical, rock, jazz or psychadelic.

Whether with a permanent band or with his solo projects, Frank Zappa always swam consistently against the current and did not care about hit parade trends or the taste of the masses.

"I love to be able to do what I want. I don't want to impose myself on anyone with my music. Not everyone has to find my music good, because I only make it for the people who like it. For the people who don't like my music, there are plenty of other musicians out there. "

Zappa avoided drugs and alcohol

As a private citizen, Frank Zappa was a loyal family man who avoided drugs and alcohol. As a musician, Zappa was unconventional and liked to break social taboos.

The pornographically hearty song "Bobby Brown" became a scandal in prudish America, but also the greatest commercial success in Zappa's huge musical legacy. In his thirty-year career, the musician with the distinctive mustache and mustache has recorded over sixty LPs and given countless concerts. But his great passion has always been new music.

Fulfill a long-cherished dream

Already terminally ill with prostate cancer, Zappa was able to realize a dream in 1992 and perform his lavish orchestral work "The Yellow Shark" with the Frankfurt "Ensemble Modern". It is the thesis of a musician who tried in vain to gain recognition in classical music circles.

Just a few days before Frank Zappa died on December 4, 1993, he gave a very personal interview on US television. Marked by his serious illness, when asked how he should be remembered after his death, he replied:

"I don't value that - neither as a person nor as a musician. It's people like Reagan or Bush, who thought it was extremely important that their term of office be remembered. But they are a prime example of how terrible memory can be."