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Uniform European self-declaration

Current information about the "Uniform European Self-Declaration"

The Uniform European Self-Declaration (EEE) is a self-declaration made by companies about their financial situation as well as about their ability and suitability to participate in an award procedure. It is available in all EU official languages ​​and serves as provisional evidence of the fulfillment of the specified conditions in procurement procedures carried out in the EU. Thanks to the EEE, the bidders will no longer be required to provide extensive documents or a wide variety of forms, such as were previously used when awarding contracts in the EU. This will make it much easier to take part in tenders issued in other Member States. Since October 2018, the EEE has been made available exclusively in electronic form.

The online form can be filled out, printed and then sent to the purchaser along with the other parts of the offer. If the process is carried out electronically, the EEE can be exported, stored and transmitted electronically. EEE that was provided in previous procurement procedures can be reused, provided the information is still correct. Bidders can be excluded from the procedure or legally prosecuted if they have seriously falsified the information in the EEE or withheld information or if the information cannot be substantiated with additional documents.

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Last updated: January 16, 2020

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