What are some health and safety rules

The legal provisions on occupational safety must be implemented and adhered to in all companies. In addition, occupational safety management can be operated in which all technical, organizational and personal measures are brought together. They are always aimed at protecting employees from work-related accidents and reducing possible consequences. In addition, it should be avoided that employees become acutely or chronically ill. Ultimately, everything that promotes humane work contributes to occupational safety.

As an entrepreneur and as a representative of the company management, i.e. as a manager, you have direct responsibility for occupational safety.
As the person responsible, you must deal with occupational safety by helping to ensure that the legal and operational requirements are implemented in your area of ​​responsibility. You should know,

  • which regulations apply to you and your area of ​​responsibility,
  • to what extent you are responsible for compliance with occupational health and safety regulations,
  • whether and to what extent you have to instruct employees,
  • how you and your employees can contribute to the improvement of occupational safety by providing tips and suggestions.

The prerequisite is that occupational safety is not viewed as an annoying obligation to have to implement laws and regulations in the company. Rather, occupational safety should be understood as a management task (leadership task) in order to create an ideal working environment in which all employees can extensively call up their willingness to perform and their capabilities.

Occupational safety is a contribution to increasing the quality of work and thus also to increasing customer satisfaction, but ultimately it has a positive effect on the profitability of the company.